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  1. did you turn the bluetooth switch off? Right side, under the remote?
  2. built in mic does not work, but the mic input (front) works well.
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi I have a Dell 530, with onboard ALC888, ICH9, here is my codec dump, please help me Thank you codec1.txt
  4. I don't think restart/shutdown is 2 cores, or USB kext problem. I have 2 m1330s. The one with Intel X310 video card shutdowns and restarts just fine. The other one with 8400GS can not do either one of them. So, hmm what's now
  5. 1 finger works for me both way. 80 is way to sensitive, 90 is nice but still scroll when I don't want to. 95 seems to be the number!! M1330 Synatics tochpad.
  6. yes work both way, 95, probably will buy a lottery tomorrow
  7. thanks alot dude, got it work (magic # is 95)
  8. I used iATKOS DVD. And 10.5.2 takes much longer to boot. Anyway, go back to 10.5.1 for now
  9. hi would you send me the files (driver + plist file) please, the forum's fileserver is down, I think. nam.thang@gmail.com Thanks
  10. what is the benefit of 10.5.2. I got it to installed but now sound so far and it takes longer to boot, 2-3 times slower to boot
  11. I tired this with my m1330, after all said and done, the whole trackpad becomes scroll enable. And the supposed to be scrool areas (right and bottom part of the trackpad) can not scroll but work as trackpad. It needs to be reserved. I tried to play the maxX, maxY, minX, minY but it does not seem to work.
  12. wee, my m1330 with Intel X3100 Video chip can restart, shutdown quite nicely. I bought another M1330 with Nvidia Chip, and now I can not do either one of them. Any help?