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  1. Just want to share my build: Intel Core i5-4570T Gigabyte GA-H81M-H G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB Apex DM-387 HTPC Case and an outline of the steps here: Prepare the installer with Clover OS X El Capitan USB Modify BIOS setting following the instruction: make UEFI default, disable VT-d, xHCI to "Auto", and enable xHCI Hand-off / EHCI Hand-off. Boot from the USB INSTALLER and install OS X. I did have "Disk Utility" erased one of my two partition on SSD, after selection of language. Boot from USB again, but use Clover (on USB) to boot the OS X on SSD. Basically just clicking through the setups... I had to choose "not connected to the Internet" at this stage... any attempt to use DHCP resulted in crash and reboot. Immediately in the OS X, perform the post installation tasks. use Clover OS X El Capitan USB, choose "Customize Install" and install: Bootloader > Clover > UEFI Bootloader > Clover > Other Config >Option Intel HD 4600 Bootloader > HSFPlus > UEFI Post..kext > Audio > ALC887-1 Post..kext > Other > NulCPU Post..kext > FakeSMC > FakeSMC and Plugin Use Clover Configurator to mount EFI partition. Use EasyKext to install the Realtek 8111 ethernet driver. Use cloverHDMI command to enable HDMI audio driver. That's it! It should take 30 to 50 mins to complete. I haven't noticed any issue at this moment. Good luck!!