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  1. How do I make WOL work on my DS3R ? There's no option in either BIOS or Leopard. Cheers
  2. I have the same problem, u[grading to 10.5.3 killed QE. Anyone got a step by step solution? Running an Nvidia 6600 and vanilla kernel.
  3. Ol!ver

    nVidia GeForce 6600

    Do you find 10.5.3 kills QE?
  4. I was running Kalyway 10.5.2 fine and decided to give the combo update a try. Now apps like Skitch and numbers crash. I've noticed some graphical slowdown too, so could that be related? Cheers
  5. Ol!ver

    football manager 2008

    I've managed to install, but it won't run. Just sits there with a black screen.
  6. Was just coming to post this ! Suspect 10.5.2 broke it ! I've got the cam working with screenflow, and I assume that uses the macam driver.
  7. Cheers, I'll use NTFS I reckon. Thanks for the link, knew there had to be some software somewhere !
  8. I've already got Leopard installed on a single partition. How do I split that partition in two so I can install Vista ? Cheers
  9. Followed this and everything's spot on. Kept my sound drivers etc, everything reports as it should etc. All's well.
  10. The partition IS set as MBR too. All I've done is CCC the drive to a new one, and it's not working.
  11. Ol!ver


    Maybe I'm being thick, but I can't find "/usr/standalone/i386/ anywhere on the DVD or HDD. EDIT: OK, copied the files across and it's still not working. The partition is set as active too.
  12. I'm having the same problem but this isn't working.
  13. I have a problem where the partition is active, but the bootloader is notloading. This is a drive I have used CarbonCopyCloner to copy from a working install. Is there any way to get Darwin back on there? Cheers EDIT: If I leave the install DVD in and boot from that, I can run the install that's already on the HDD, so it's simply a boot loader problem. EDIT 2: Seems my problem stems from using CCC when changing to a new drive.
  14. Ol!ver

    Kalyway and bootcamp

    I've got Kallyway installed and dual booting with vista. My question is, can I delete the Vista partition and create a new one using bootcamp, so it works like a normal mac? I assume when Windows installs it will take the drivers as a normal install, and not want to install drivers for Mac hardware that isn't there? Cheers