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  1. Improved to the point that it matches or beats HFS+?
  2. This issue has been ongoing for months. I find it highly coincidental that just as soon as a third-party patch comes out to fix it that Nvidia releases a "fixed" version of their own literally a few days later. I'm not suggesting they lifted that exact code but I do believe it has had some kind of influence on this outcome.
  3. How interesting. I just checked the commit and it seems Nvidia have incorporated the lag fix into their .30.106 release. I guess this is one of the benefits of open source projects!
  4. Yes, mine has changed from 3840x2160px (which is correct) to 5K as pictured below. The resolution reported is double what my current resolution is set to (2560x1440px Retina-ish). Perhaps this exact doubling is one of the things that needs to happen for the issue to be resolved? Regardless, in Displays under System Preferences my maximum resolution available is still reported correctly, so it doesn't seem to affect anything there.
  5. Fantastic news! This is working great for me with latest webdrivers for 10.13.4 and my 1070 Skylake system! At long last. Thanks @lvs1974 and @vit9696! Now I don't feel like I need to get an AMD card! A good thing because I could never afford one anyway at current prices
  6. Oh, it's not necessary to have EmuVariable to load the Nvidia drivers now?
  7. Yes, I'm using OsxAptioFix3Drv and it still sucks, laggy as hell doing basic stuff. I think it's the web driver rather than the memory fix
  8. I'm able to boot in properly again now. Does it make a difference if I'm using AptioMemoryFix? Edit: Ok, switched to OsxAptioFix3Drv and fully enabled SIP. Am able to boot into the OS with Nvidia drivers enabled. However, performance is still abysmal, so I don't know if SIP matters or not.
  9. Tried it, but it didn't help. In fact I couldn't even boot into the OS and had to remove the kexts in single-user mode and reinstall, clear caches and rebuild to get the OS to even load again
  10. I am also experiencing much worse performance than the previous drivers (and even they weren't great). It's a shame because a Pascal card should be a powerhouse, but it's barely functional. My display won't even wake from sleep when the OS turns it off now.
  11. Darn, I thought I was clever for figuring it out. You both beat me to it! Quite a version jump, if it's not just a typo? 378 -> 387? I haven't tried anything yet, but UI animation (opening Applications folder as a Grid) seems much less smooth than my MBP with Radeon GPU, but that is no different from before. I was getting serious lag when opening multiple Adobe apps so hopefully those kind of things are resolved, guess we'll see
  12. Have they removed the combo update already? Seems to be gone.
  13. Yes, you can also use IntelGraphicsFixup if you're using the iGPU. Those symbols appearing are similar to the issues people were having with Xcode and iBooks + Nvidia. NvidiaGraphicsFixup should resolve it
  14. Do you have NvidiaGraphicsFixup v1.2.1 loading with Lilu?
  15. Is your IGPU enabled when using the Nvidia? What SMBIOS are you using? Are you using NvidiaGraphicsFixup and Lilu?