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  1. will there ever be any support for 24 bit live (sb0410) cards? i am willing to pay someone for there time and work!!! it would be nice to have sound since i don't have onboard audio on my motherboard!!! hit me up if you need info. i'll do my best to help
  2. making an attempt @ XxX x86 10.5.6

    i'm currently writing this from safari, everything installed fine, i have qe/ci and everything is running smoothly. only hitch i have is audio. i have a creative labs- soundblaster 24 bit live INTERNAL card. anyone have any info on kext for this thing?
  3. making an attempt @ XxX x86 10.5.6

    ok so after some further research i learned that i have to disabe HT, i did have a successful install but without keyboard support. gonna continue on the trail and see what i come up with
  4. making an attempt @ XxX x86 10.5.6

    ok, i'm trying kernel's 1 by 1 with chamelion bootloader till i get one that doesn't panic on me
  5. ok so i'm officially on my 3rd install of this, i have an everest printout that doesn't tell me a whole lot other than it's a few details cpu- intel pentium 4 2600mhz motherboard- intel bonanza d875pbz chipset- intel canterwood i875p video- nvidia geforce 6200 256mb sound- creative sb live! 24-bit (sb0410) network- 3com etherlink 10/100 pci tx nic (sc905b-tx) intel pro/1000 ct network connection usb controllers- intel 82801eb ich5 nec upd720101 usb 2.0 enhanced host controller (v1.0) i can try and get more info if needed but would like to know if anyone has any insight as to what kernel i should use etc. i've looked around for info on here as far as install's with pentium 4's and haven't come across anyone with a canterwood processor yet. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! ty in advance! so far i've gotten a kernel panic with voodoo kernel (intel/amd) i can be reached on yahoo messenger @ djimpulsion, or aim @ gotfunkinurtrunk if anyone would like to help!
  6. Successful ipc 10.5.6 install on HP dv6000!

    this will not work with all dv6000 series pavilions, i have a dv6810us which uses the mcp67 chipset but also uses the 7150m video card not the 6150m which your laptop happens to use. there are may variations of the mcp67 as well! i know personally, i've been trying to get my hp up and running with leopard for quite some time now. after a melted cpu heat sink, fried audio card and burned out dvd drive, i gave up. although i did manage to install leo4all with keyboard, trackpad and usb support. nothing else though. no video drivers have been created for shared memory video cards from nvidia except for i believe the driver's that come with the new macbooks. or at least i haven't seen any that work.
  7. i'm finding this topic interesting!!! but what about something like this! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16856101079 Granted you would have to add a slimline dvd drive ($40), slimline power cable($7), ram and hard drive but for $250USD how can you go wrong? even has DVI out
  8. I currently am running Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion without any problems what so ever. only issue i have encountered is trying to install virtual drives (daemon tools, magic disc, alcohol 120%... etc) otherwise thumbs up!!! uses less resources than vista and runs much faster as well!!! looking forward to the final release!!!
  9. hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    i have had a complete install and boot on my dv6810us using leo4all v4 and some patches to the iso. unfortunatly your barking up a dead tree if you have this particular laptop as nothing is supported! no qe/ci, no ethernet and no wireless. however the keyboard and mouse work fine! there is no cpu throttling and it causes the laptop to run excessively hot. i had to send mine in for repair and they landed up replacing the heat sink because of excess heat! audio is not supported either at this point. i've been watching for the last couple months on progress for my chipset and haven't seen much come of it but if you feel the need to get somewhere search for some of Greenturtle's posts. he helped me get a bootable install
  10. Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    looks to me like you didin't install a bootloader!
  11. install onto usb flash drive

    i managed to install it on a 16gb flash drive on my laptop. it booted once, and wouldn't boot anymore after restart
  12. The spotlight turns to notebooks

    i like to see support for shared nvidia cards on that list! things could be looking better for my laptop after all!
  13. i have tried a couple, the p168c and the sciphone i68, the sciphone was the far better of the two but the software interface on both is excessively pokey, setup can be a bit of a pain as well especially if your on the edge network ex. t-mobile. i recently got a 8gb iphone 1 gen and jailbreak it. nothing compares to it. after the jail break, i just put my sim card in and it worked, no setup! all the apps work, you can even download apps from itunes as well as 3rd party apps. video's play flawlessly. if i had a suggestion it would be to get a iphone that was locked and jailbrake it. it'll save you the dissapointment of the chinese knockoff's
  14. (Nearly) Complete Installation Guide for nForce MCP67

    i too have the ar5006x atheros wifi adapter and would love to see it work. laptop runs leo4all without idlehalt=0 on boot but is a little glitchy, runs warmer than it should. with idlehalt=0 on boot. it seems to run excessively hot. i'd rather not chance damaging my laptop since i do use it for dj'ing and currently cannot afford a new one. i will be looking forward to fixes for cpu throttling, 7150m drivers for graphics and 5006x kext for wifi. when these become availiable, i will be attempting this again! for now i'm gonna mess around with fedora 9, i installed it breifly on here and liked the interface but i'm in the same boat that i am in with osx. no graphics support, no wifi either. not sure if ethernet works but i think the drivers loaded correctly. i'll still be keeping tabs on here for this project though! and look forward to seeing more support for this chipset!
  15. did you go into disk management, select the fat32 partition and format it hfs+ journaled? you can't install leopard onto a fat32 partition, the fat32 format is only there so the installer can recognize your hd. even though most seem to see the ntfs partitions now anyway