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  1. hst51

    Date in bios won't stay put

    Thank you for your reply and explanation and the bios time being altered. I have found this same effect when running Linux. I modified my search string and found some answers to my question about the acronymns: Found this about DSDT: The Differentiated System Description Table is the main table in the ACPI part of a computer's BIOS. And RTC: A real-time clock (RTC) is a battery-powered clock that is included in a microchip in a computer motherboard. And SSDT: System Service Description Table, an internal data structure within Microsoft Windows. MAC OS must have one too.
  2. hst51

    Date in bios won't stay put

    No one knows what they mean?
  3. hst51

    Date in bios won't stay put

    Sig created. What do those acronyms stand for? I find lots of information talking about them when I google but nothing explaining what they are. RTC DSDT SSDT
  4. hst51

    Date in bios won't stay put

    By that I mean the time is no longer correct in bios. It has changed by hours upon reboot within a few minutes of setting and saving it in bios.
  5. System is Mojave 1.341. Hardware is GA-Z97-HD3/i3/15 gb DDR3 2133/GTX 660 When I set the correct time in bios it is changed to an incorrect value upon reboot. Time remains correct in Mojave desktop. Both bios and desktop are configured to use 24 hr. time instead of AM/PM. I changed the CMOS battery and it made no difference. No other bios parameters are affected, just the time. Latest bios is installed I believe. In researching this the only hits that turned up had to do with dual boot Mac OS/Windows or dual boot Linux/Windows. This is not a dual boot machine. Any idea as to why this is happening? Thanks
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply. I feel stupid! The name of the hard drive is Z97 and I can see in my attachment that the parameter says Z99. I edited that and now it works! I had just cloned the original drive to a bigger one. The original one was Z99. I'll chalk it up to a senior moment.
  7. Maybe someone can give me help with this issue. OS is Mojave. Hardware is i3/Z97 Gigabyte/GTX 660/16gb of DDR3 The parameters in Config.plst look correct to me. I researched this issue on the internet and followed the instructions for using Clover Configurator to add hard drive name, which I did. You can see it is there: Z97. Timeout is set to 3 seconds. I still have to hit Enter or double click with mouse in Clover to continue with the boot. What else could be wrong and does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. hst51

    Another ex TM member - ridiculous BANS !

    I got permanently banned recently from TMx86 for a similar offense. I replied to a poster looking for a full installer of a non current version of the MAC OS. The admins had replied to him that he could download it from the Apple store if he had previously purchased it. It was their stock official answer to that oft asked question. But this was not applicable to his situation. I posted that there were websites where older versions could be downloaded but I cautioned that there might be risk involved in doing so. I did not name any particular download sites or give any links. A couple days later when I tried to access TMx86 I got the banned notification for recommending pirated software. No warning, just banned. In TMx86's rules list there is a rule against recommending pirated software. But what is pirated software? When Apple essentially gives their OS away it's not clear to me that obtaining it from another source is pirating. Technically speaking, it's a violation of the Apple EULA to use their OS to build a Hackintosh anyway. Well, it went from bad to worse as I created another account on TMx86, which is (yeah, I know) also against the rules. But I figured I had nothing to lose. It worked for a few days and then the "banned" notification reappeared with the explanation added to the original "pirating" that I had broken the rules by creating multiple accounts. Well, I have had it with TMx86. They are just too heavy handed and too closed over there for my blood. They are very much into control. Tech help forums should be places where people have the freedom to learn from one another but with TMx86 it's their way or the highway!
  9. hst51

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, Harry Trent here. Been away for a long time but logged on a bit ago after being temporarily banned from tonymacx86. Something about not listing system components in my Signature. I'm kind of blown away about it because I did have my system component outline in my Sig. For some reason it must not be done according to the right format or something. Banned until tomorrow so I can't find out anything more specific until then. I started a thread about it. Anyway, I spend a lot of time over at Overclockers.com and like to tinker with Hackintosh's now and then. High Sierra's debut spawned a new round of tinkering. I'm sort of retired. Was a career hospital chaplain but since retiring I started a computer repair business out of my home. It was always a serious hobby. Live in a small town in southwest Washing state.
  10. Got temporarily banned earlier today from tonymacx86.com. Caught me totally by surprise! The reason given was I had repeatedly violated the rules about a Signature. Specifically, that I had not listed my system information in the Signature. Scratching my head because I had indeed listed my system information from the very beginning in my Signature. The ironic thing was I was in the process of updating my Sig when I got the banned notice. So I tried to look up the pertinent rules for Signatures but of course, I could not go there because I was shut out. One of the mods replied to my last post before the ban saying I was not in compliance but I still don't know in what way. Like a lot of people I have been experimenting with High Sierra on different systems lately so my posts contained questions about various combinations I was using but my main rig specs were in the Sig all along. Supposedly, the ban will be lifted tomorrow so I can find out more specifics. Wow, kind of floored! They must have some very specific rules about the format of a Sig over there. Not use to that. I spend most of my time over at Overclockers.com where a Sig is encouraged but not mandatory.
  11. I was able to install El Capitan on my Hackintosh using the Chris' instructions and the Clover Special Edition 2.3k tool to create a USB installer. But I can only boot into El Capitan when the USB stick is inserted. What did I do wrong or is their something else I need to do to be able to boot from the system SSD? I'm a Mac noob so please don't take anything for granted in your reply. Thanks