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    Hello, Harry Trent here. Been away for a long time but logged on a bit ago after being temporarily banned from tonymacx86. Something about not listing system components in my Signature. I'm kind of blown away about it because I did have my system component outline in my Sig. For some reason it must not be done according to the right format or something. Banned until tomorrow so I can't find out anything more specific until then. I started a thread about it. Anyway, I spend a lot of time over at Overclockers.com and like to tinker with Hackintosh's now and then. High Sierra's debut spawned a new round of tinkering. I'm sort of retired. Was a career hospital chaplain but since retiring I started a computer repair business out of my home. It was always a serious hobby. Live in a small town in southwest Washing state.
  2. Got temporarily banned earlier today from tonymacx86.com. Caught me totally by surprise! The reason given was I had repeatedly violated the rules about a Signature. Specifically, that I had not listed my system information in the Signature. Scratching my head because I had indeed listed my system information from the very beginning in my Signature. The ironic thing was I was in the process of updating my Sig when I got the banned notice. So I tried to look up the pertinent rules for Signatures but of course, I could not go there because I was shut out. One of the mods replied to my last post before the ban saying I was not in compliance but I still don't know in what way. Like a lot of people I have been experimenting with High Sierra on different systems lately so my posts contained questions about various combinations I was using but my main rig specs were in the Sig all along. Supposedly, the ban will be lifted tomorrow so I can find out more specifics. Wow, kind of floored! They must have some very specific rules about the format of a Sig over there. Not use to that. I spend most of my time over at Overclockers.com where a Sig is encouraged but not mandatory.
  3. I was able to install El Capitan on my Hackintosh using the Chris' instructions and the Clover Special Edition 2.3k tool to create a USB installer. But I can only boot into El Capitan when the USB stick is inserted. What did I do wrong or is their something else I need to do to be able to boot from the system SSD? I'm a Mac noob so please don't take anything for granted in your reply. Thanks