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  1. I recently updated my T520 hackintosh to macOS High Sierra, works great with one exception; sleeping/waking. I've noticed that if I have the bluetooth switch on the laptop turned on, it'll kernel panic when waking from sleep mode, otherwise it'll work fine. Any suggestions for getting sleep mode to work with bluetooth being turned on? It used to work in Sierra.. Ill attach a copy of the kernel panic that seems to occur. Note: I get the same result with darkwake=0
  2. using maciASL to patch the dsdt from the t420 guide with the [usb] 6-Series USB fixed sleep, this thinkintosh is now fully functional!!
  3. the only thing I can't get to work is sleep mode
  4. Thank you, oh holy one. I realized my distro didn't have those kexts, I found some at: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/2011-intel-hd-3000-macbook-pro-1024mb-vram-kext-work.1977308/ They already have the device IDs in them so no need for modding, just installed with kext wiz and it worked. :ihw_wow: :ihw_wow:
  5. 1. is this the info I need 2. which kext(s) do I need to put what info into
  6. Intel ® VT for Directed I/O(VT-d) [Disabled] DVMT Total Gfx Mem [256MB] DVMT Pre-Allocated [64MB] Primary Display Selection [iGD]
  7. config didn't really seem to change much/anything noticable
  8. that clover.zip booted fine but resolution/battery/etc. remain frigged
  9. reinstall clover from scratch, either copy the files from the t420 guide or use the installer, delete/rename your old clover folder though, prevent cross contamination.
  10. I removed the dsdt file, no patched files anymore, I cleaned up the folders and made it as kosher as possible, the only "external" file is the config.plist that came from you. This setup boots but no battery percentage, wrong resolution etc. if it makes any difference, the screen is detected as a connected projector called "Lenovo LCD" nice to know I'm not the only one but I can't help but want to put OS X on this beautifully built piece of tech, what BIOS do you have? CLOVER.zip
  11. There was a kernel panic from that one relevant to ACPI Devices or something
  12. I used your config.plist but nothing changed... 1024x768 in clover and OSX. I got my DSDT/SSDT files from F4 in clover. I applied the hd3000 low patch from maciASL but nothing changed... my clover folder is attached with my aml files CLOVER.zip
  13. I deleted all of the dsdt/ssdt stuff and rebooted, now the battery info has problems but I suspect I just need to patch some files? Here's the current Clover folder https://ufile.io/z7tva
  14. I'm using Sierra 10.12.3 and I'm using the dsdt and ssdts from the t420 guide, I attempted to patch the dsdt with an HD 3000 low res patch with MaciASL but it didn't really change anything...
  15. I'm using the config.plist file, the ACPI.T420s folder is basically useless, I just deleted it and cleaned up that folder a bit.. ill reupload https://ufile.io/ledi4