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  1. USB Sound Blaster Live 24-bit

    Greets, The card actually works out of the box. After you plug it in, you will see the interface in sound setup in system preferences. Select it and then go to utilities>audio midi setup and select 6ch-24bit in audio output (audio devices tab). Then select configure speakers and select 5.1. You can possibly hear the test noise from each speaker. If not, then you are into my problem... I have to lower and maximize the volume in OSX and then I have sound. This I also have to do if I connect/dissconnect the headphones. Hope I helped
  2. USB midi keyboard problem

    I do not have the same keyboard, I have the M-audio Axiom and it worked without any hasle. I have the Kalyway too, so it is either a mobo problem or a keyboard one. The keyboard part can be solved by visiting the Roland site and try to find any specific drivers for leopard, the mobo one is harder to solve. You need to see if others have problems connecting "different" hardware to this motherboards usb ports. :S I may not helped much, but see it as a neuro-network note