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  1. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    what experiences have people had with voodoohda? I installed it and was thrilled to have the headphones finally working; but my excitement soon died off as there was no automatic switching between headphones and speakers (annoying but usable) and the volume levels were really low (bad enough that I had to uninstall). have the volume levels been ok for others; or is there something else you need to do? thanks
  2. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    I had the same en0 vs en1 issue. You can switch it around in Library->Preferences->SystemConfiguration->NetworkInterfaces.plist Just change the en0s to en1s and vice versa. I actually have to do this rather often since updating to 10.5.4/10.5.5, as when wireless is en0 it keeps dropping the connection on long downloads and I have to manually connect at each boot, and when wireless is en1 those issues are resolved but time machine doesn't work. Apparently time machine uses the MAC address of en0 and it has some problem getting the MAC address of my ethernet, but not my wifi. I don't know about the F.34 version specifically but I can confirm that there is a whitelist for C700 machines as delivered (and the page you linked to doesn't mention about this changing with the update - so I doubt it has). I have a 751nr and so had to swap out the wifi card to get online. The first card I tried was rejected, even though it came from another Compaq machine. I had to make sure I got a card which was pulled from the 712 so the bios wouldn't prevent boot. I have read that you can mess with the bios update file with a hexeditor before flashing in order to circumvent the whitelist, but that's the kinda thing I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole... Anyways.... who's updated to 10.5.6???
  3. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    if you really want to use headphones or have audio in, your best bet is to use a usb sound adapter. dipdog, you say your install is perfect except for sleep and audio jacks? what about your trackpad? is it recognized in system preferences and do you have two-finger scrolling? and have you updated to 10.5.5?
  4. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    hey everybody - I've been running 10.5.1 (iATKOS r2) exclusively (gave up on vista in 5 min) for almost a year now on my c751nr (+4311 wifi card from ebay and 2gb ram) with everything 100% except the usual sleep and audio jacks. I also used FFScroll for 2-fingered scrolling which worked nicely. anyway, I had little interest in updating since it was working nicely, but I decided to do some iphone app development and friggin apple won't let me d/l the sdk unless I'm running at least 10.5.4. so I created a little test partition to try things out before jumping in all the way and I thought I'd compare notes. I installed iATKOS r4 generally following kennyp's method in post #401, although I found it somewhat ambiguous in a few places: 1) under stock files, I chose AppleACPIPlatform (modified) - not sure what kennyp meant by check both files since I think there were 3 and they seemed mutually exclusive 2) checked SATA, which meant selecting a bunch of sub-options, which seemed weird but I did it anyway I also selected the software update enabler, but I'm not sure whether it was necessary. the install went swimmingly and I then allowed software update to do its thing with the 10.5.5 update. I tried the 'while sleep' method kennyp linked to but found it useless (I actually just booted into single-user mode instead of running the loop in terminal), as the 'don't steal mac os' line was nowhere to be found in the startup script. after one -x boot I was up and running. after achieving a working 10.5.5 system, I installed vanilla's a.zip, which fixed the thermal issues and gave me a tap-able trackpad, but no battery meter and screwy 2-finger scrolling (u gotta make a weird circle motion for erratic scrolling instead of just going straight up/down). I just fixed the battery meter with the kext kennyp posted in #432. EDIT: I got a battery meter instantly when I replaced the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext, but subsequently lost it after reboot, so any further ideas on the battery meter are appreciated. so, that's it so far. I'm pretty impressed with the results - big thanks to kennyp for his guides, but I'm still not ready to commit with my main partition until I figure out the 2-finger scrolling. I tried to install FFScroll but the installer stopped me, saying I already had a driver installed or some such. I'm kinda surprised nobody else has talked about scrolling, maybe it's just me, but I've grown rather attached to the 2-finger method. anyone else figure out a way to run FFScroll or get it going some other way? thanks
  5. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    That's a partitioning problem. It took me a couple iterations to get it right. What worked for me was to use MBR and first format as FAT32, using GParted on a linux liveCD - NOT with Disk Utility. Also be sure to set the boot flag (maybe check this first just in case before redoing everything). Don't trust DU for partitioning. Then I booted from iATKOS and used DU to reformat as HFS+ and all went swimmingly.
  6. Install on the Compaq C714NR?

    wireless isn't the same for all. in particular the 751 card isn't known to work. I searched ebay for 441090 and bought one of those cards (same as 712) for $20. then with iATKOS r2 wifi worked out of the box I actually never even tried the card it came with - anybody have success with it? just make sure if you go for the 751 to get this exact card and not a dell 1390 or similar, as HPs are known to have bios whitelist issues with third party cards. all in all the 751 makes a great $600 hacbook ($450 at bby + $20 wifi + $129 leopard + $1 apple sticker for legitimacy). I actually upped the ram to 2gb too if you want to factor that in. only issues for me are sleep and battery life. I put it together for my wife but often she has to pry "her laptop" from my hands to use it
  7. I want leo on my lappy...

    had that problem with my toshiba laptop and was able to workaround by installing via vmware