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  1. Stock turbo boost configuration for 8700K is up to 4.3 GHz for 6 cores, try changing OC settings in your BIOS and sync all cores to 4.7. Works for me.
  2. Same issue. I have two monitors connected via DisplayPort. Upon wake the displays freeze or only one turns on. Replugging the monitors work sometimes. I looked at the logs and found WindowServer having trouble reaching the displays and IOFrameBuffer. I tried to add CoreDisplayFixUp and NvidiaGraphicsFixUp kexts and it seems to be getting better... but still need to reconnect most of the time.
  3. ryokun6

    z370-g / 1080Ti Dual monitor boot issue

    Did you experience any issues waking up from sleep? I have the same setup but my monitors freeze upon wake. Would love to have your boot args, and list of kexts.
  4. I have a GTX 1080 Ti and have the same problem with dual monitor + sleep. Did you manage to fix this? I solved the other problems you mentioned by adding NvidiaGraphicsFixUp and keeping CSM disabled, FYI
  5. Everything's working great except for one last thing... I have 2 4K screens on DP, my screens freeze when waking up from sleep and can be only recovered by unplugging one of the monitors. I tried to change boot args for NvidiaGraphicsFixUp and darkwake but didn't work.
  6. Thanks! You're awesome. Sometimes boot hangs at gIOScreenLockState 3, do you know why?
  7. Hey Maldon, I've been using your DSDT for Z370-G for a while, everything was great until today it stopped loading Nvidia Web Driver. Removing the DSDT works but I can't recover from sleep. One change could be that I installed a PCI-E USB-C card. Here's my IOReg and Clover folder. Thanks! Files were too big so I uploaded them on Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2n4ds7q3all0s6g/AAAAaG-KaxdkHW5p3OphGpYEa?dl=0
  8. I tried your updated EFI earlier this morning and I didn't get the prohibited sign once. Everything went so well until just a moment ago I restarted and couldn't load the Nvidia Web Driver. I removed the DSDT and it worked, now the computer can't recover from sleep. Haha. Gotta keep trying.