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  1. I have updated the X1 to 10.14.4. Had to fiddle a bit to get the partitions to start in the right sequence to get the update process to run proper (also had to return to the NoSKL config for a bit). After successful upgrade, the wifi did not work anymore (I use a DW1560). Upgrading to RehabMan's BrcmFirmwareStore and BrcmPatchRAM2, and refreshing the kextcache, did the trick. I do not know yet whether this breaks the things tliuck patched to get bluetooth etc. to work properly upon sleep and wake, but I was wondering, @tluck, is it possible to reintegrate these patches into the current (2.2.10) version of the Brcm stuff? Update: I realised it may have been the cache rebuild, not the 2.2.10 version thing. So I reverted to the tluck 2.2.7 ones, rebuilt cache, and lo and behold, wifi works in that configuration as well, so for now, I'll stick with that.
  2. DrDude

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    YES, you amazing human being (or AI)! That did it! Thank you very much, bought you a cup of coffee. Is there anything I can or should to to have this included into the main version some day?
  3. DrDude

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hmm, when I use that one all Input device options dissapear. Speakers and Headphones still work, though. Don't know if it's any use but I am attaching an ioreg again. X1_insanelyDeepak2.ioreg.zip
  4. DrDude

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thanks, this is one step up: speakers yes headphone yes microphone yes line in no I am attaching a ioreg, don't know if it's any use. X1_Deepak.reg.zip
  5. DrDude

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thank for looking into this, much appreciated. Unfortunately, with this kext, functions are as follows: speakers no headphone yes microphone yes line in no What should I provide to support? I ran the Pinconfigurator tool, it said: Verbs from Linux Codec Dump File: X1_audiodump_linux.txt Codec: Conexant CX20753/4 Address: 0 DevID: 351359249 (0x14f15111) Nid PinDefault Device Location Port Connector Color G P EAPD Original Verbs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 (0x16) 04211040 Out Headphone Right Jack or ATAPI 1/8" Stereo/Mono Black 4 0 - 01671c40 01671d10 01671e21 01671f04 23 (0x17) 90170110 Out Speaker Unknown[0] Internal + Jack Other Analog Unknown 1 0 - 01771c10 01771d01 01771e17 01771f90 24 (0x18) 40f001f0 -- Other Unknown[0] Unknown[4] Unknown Unknown 15 0 - 01871cf0 01871d01 01871ef0 01871f40 25 (0x19) 04a11030 In Microphone Right Jack or ATAPI 1/8" Stereo/Mono Black 3 0 - 01971c30 01971d10 01971ea1 01971f04 26 (0x1a) 95a70120 In Microphone Top Internal + Jack Other Analog Unknown 2 0 - 01a71c20 01a71d01 01a71ea7 01a71f95 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nid PinDefault Device Location Port Connector Color G P EAPD Modified Verbs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 (0x16) 00211040 Out Headphone Unknown[0] Jack or ATAPI 1/8" Stereo/Mono Black 4 0 - 01671c40 01671d10 01671e21 01671f00 23 (0x17) 90170010 Out Speaker Unknown[0] Internal + Jack Other Analog Unknown 1 0 - 01771c10 01771d00 01771e17 01771f90 25 (0x19) 90a01030 In Microphone Unknown[0] Internal + Jack Unknown Black 3 0 - 01971c30 01971d10 01971ea0 01971f90 26 (0x1a) 90800020 In Line In Unknown[0] Internal + Jack Unknown Unknown 2 0 - 01a71c20 01a71d00 01a71e80 01a71f90 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. DrDude

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thanks for all the good work going on here. I am trying to get audio on my laptop fully going and I am almost there. 1. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th gen 2. CX20753_4 3. 3,21,22 using the version of AppleALC from this link in this topic 4. 10.13.6, 10.14.3 Now, with the version from the link, layout 22, it almost completely works (speakers, internal microphone, headphone jack). There is just one thing that does not work: when I insert a headset into the jack, the microphone does not work, although the switch is detected ('Internal Microphone' changes into 'Line in'). I want to note that the original poster for that version indicated that he does not use the microphone, so perhaps it's not working for his configuration either. As for me, I like FaceTime so I'd like to have the microphone working. I know the headset is fine, I've tested it in linux on the same laptop. I am attaching an ioreg zip and a linux codec dump. X1.ioreg.zip X1_audiodump_linux.txt
  7. Reporting back on the CX20753 audio issues on X1 Carbon: I have speakers, headphones, and mic working now, using a patched AppleALC found in this post: link with layout id 22 (not present yet in the official release). Apparently the P40 Yoga has similar issues, so the fix for the P40 also fixes the X1C4. The one thing I could not test successfully is the line in mic. The patched AppleALC does remove the fixed 'line in' that I saw on other versions, and now it does auto switch from 'Internal Microphone' to 'Audio Line In' when I insert a headset, but upon that the headset's mic does not work.
  8. Tried with my car kit, and yes, I can awaken the microphone by switching to a bluetooth mic and then switching back to the mike, but unfortunately that does not last through a reset cycle. The line in does not get activated that way. Anyway, the line in does not seem to autoswitch when I insert the plug anyway, while the headphones do, so perhaps it is supposed to be line in from a docking station or so. The behaviour with the bluetooth suggests the microphone circuitry needs to be woken up in some way. I'll do some digging into this over the next period, learn a bit about codeccommander etc. Blaggah: yes, I used your EFI including the DSDT (also, almost lost my working iMessage over that as I had just copied and was not attentive to replacing the SMBIOS). It works, but the audio is the same, and the trackpoint action becomes extremely jittery.
  9. Thanks Blaggah, that does sound exactly like what I am experiencing. I don't think I have any BT microphone or headset in the house so I'll have to try and buy or borrow one some way. As I said, with the hack I pulled it is kind of working already but I'd prefer to use the mainstream AppleALC, of course. Update: not all is well, with the hack I lose line in and out...
  10. Thanks kolodzieski! Unfortunately us X1C4 owners have a very exotic audio chip, a CX20753/4, not a ALC3268 like in a T470. Only layout id 3 and 21 is supported, with 21 for some exotic LG laptop. That said, I have made the most peculiar progress. I picked up my rusty programming skills and compiled AppleALC myself. As a starting point I have simply copied the layout 3 configuration files to another layout id (I picked 77) and added that to AppleALC and my config. I figured I'd fiddle with the copy to try to get the mic working. Surprise, surprise: it works without any fiddling. I wish I understood, but I totally don't. I have some learning to do ;-)
  11. Hi Blaggah, I have a question for you but first: hats off to you tluck, for setting all of this up and persisting to help all us mortals without even having the hardware available anymore! So, the question, Blaggah: I also have a X1C4 and have everything working quite nicely but in terms of audio all I have is speakers and headphone working proper. Microphone does not work, neither internally nor externally. Can you please confirm that your statement 'audio is working' also covers the microphone? I have tried the EFI you posted and with that, on my machine, audio only works for output. Apart from the audio, everything is very smooth. The X1 is a very nice machine; I triple boot it from the NVMe SSD (MacOS, Win10, Ubuntu). The looks on people's faces...