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  1. Joshhh the kext loaded (shown in KextWizzard as loaded) but none of the USB devices attached to the USB3 ports are seen.... (according to the report I posted earlier it is a "NEC uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller") Is this supported by the Kext? (Later on in the report it also lists it as " Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub But I think this may be the problematic Windows driver incorrectly reporting it. (it regularly drops out from Windows and needs to be disabled/re-enabled in device manager (a common/known issue on the W510 with the older NEC chipsets). I note on the osx86 thread on the text the following "It works with Renesas and Etron ( which requires adding 0x70231b6f to IOPCIPrimaryMatch in Info.plist ) on 10.7/10.8." Do I need to add anything into the Info.plist to get this Kext to work with this device? In the OSX's Hardware Info it shows the device as : USB Super-Speed Bus: Host Controller Location: Built-in USB Host Controller Driver: PXHCD PCI Device ID: 0x7fb400000194 PCI Revision ID: 0x7fb400000003 PCI Vendor ID: 0x7fb400001033 Bus Number: 0xdc It's not seeing any USB3.0 drives attached. >>> It IS seeing USB2.0 drives! More research... Seems to be an issue withe the way the controller is handshaking USB3.0 devices (happens with all USB3). Paul
  2. Joshhh I had to install the Cloverefi 750 bootloader to get the machine to boot from the MBR partitioned drive. The machine has Windows 7 on one partition and OSX on the other. They both now boot up okay (with no USB attached) - but I have noticed the hibernate feature in Windows does not recover from Hibernate when I attempt to boot using the Clover EFI loader. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? Do I need to specify the DSDT.aml generated from Windows in the boot options and switch off all other options/fixes? What is the trick here? Why would the bootloader be impacting the recover from hibernate windows 7 function? P
  3. I have renamed the .aml file to dsdt.aml and copied it into the extra folder. graphicsenabler=yes makes not difference to the behavior. Does the cloverleaf boot option need to have dsdt.aml specified? It have an option for DSDT with a value "BIOS.aml" next to it.... The symptoms I am seeing are still the same. THe machine's keyboard stops taking inputs when the ACPI stuff kicks in. I am using the voodoops2controller from the .zip files you shared. Is there another one I should be using? Can you confirm the full string I need to use? right now I have been using -v -f graphicsenabler=yes npci=0x2000 (and also 0x3000) Progress. I used -v -f graphicsenabler=yes npci=0x4000 and was able to boot to the GUI. Still no keyboard and trackpad/trackpoint I dont have a spare USB keyboard :os I've used the voodoops2controller.kext you shared in your guide. What other options are there for me to try? What are the .kext files I need to replace in order to get the internal keyboard/trackpad and trackpoint working?
  4. Joshhh I have made some progress since my last message. "The machine is now booting to DSMOS has arrived"! I have tried setting GraphicsEnabler=no but it still just stops there. When I boot to the single user/command line I dont have a keyboard. I think have finally worked out how to extract the DSDT.bin ( ) and have added it to this post. Slowly getting there I think.Here is my DSDT W510_acpi_Stuff.zip
  5. Hi Joshhh here is a pic of the hang. You mention USB. Should I copy the file onto the hard drive I have been building the image with? Paul I've installed Aida64 but not entirely clear what I should extract. Here is the HW report for the machine. I've also extraceted the DSDT and attached. Aida64HardwareReport.htm W510_DSDT.zip
  6. Also can you advise where I can get a whitelist w510 workable Bios to allow me to use a different Wifi card? Re. the dsdt.aml file - I have been searching all over for a newbie's guide to help me understand this in more detail. I am assuming the dsdt.aml may well differ from machine to machine based on the Bios levels etc. Should I run a dsdt editor in Windows and import the dsdt you have posted and recompile it? What is the right way to get a correctly configured dsdt.aml (sorry for my lack of knowledge in this space). Can you point me to any good infosource on both dsdt.aml and approached to create a whitelist/w510 bios (or better still direct me to a bios already having it done!) Thanks Paul
  7. Joshhh firstly thanks for putting such an excellent guide together. I have followed your steps on my W510 using the dsdt you posted for the W510 (renaming it to dsdt.aml and copying over the dsdt.aml you had zipped up in the Extra folder. I boot to the bootloader and enter the "-v -f npci=0x2000" value. The drive boots but stops at the end of loading the .Kext files and appears to lockup (CapsLk stops working) The final 3 messages on screen are: [ PCI configuration begin ] [PCI configuration end, bridges 1 devices 15] [ PCI configuration begin ] The machine then stops and does not continue. I am very keen to follow your method as I would like to get my shutdown/sleep/hibernate to disk functions working. I have been trying a few other methods to get the machine working but so far everything is working - except the power management and battery functions. If I can get your method working I think I'll be there - bar the hack on the Bios to allow me to use an intenal Wifi card). Can you suggest what might be going wrong? Have I dont the right thing by copying the other w510 dsdt.aml into the Extra folder and overwriting yours? What causes the hang at this point normally? Thanks again for all your inputs on this approach - looks ideal for me to learn more on. Paul
  8. NVidia GeForce Go 6100 dev 0247

    For several weeks now I've been posting "help" type posts on the forums to assist me in getting the aforementioned card working. Its frustrating to see so little response. In the meantime I have learnt a great deal about OS X and how to recover it back/install .kexts etc. I have a working OS X on the laptop based of the very slick installing Leo4Allv3 distro. Right now however I am unable to play DVDs or use it for what I wanted the machine to act as (a media centre/internet browsing setup for a projector). Optimistic thought I now think ) Seriously though I would very much like this working with some form of graphics acceleration. I cannot get the NVCAP for this card as the NVFlash tool cannot dump the Video ROM. I am now at a stage i am unsure how/what to do. I am considering looking at getting a separate laptop graphics card (so clearly happy to spend money to solve this problem (hint hint). I have tried nvinjectgo and natit. Both natit and nvinjectgo discover the card okay but I then get a kernel panic or in natits case a locked screen with lines over it. Can someone interested in a challenge PM me so we can talk about this in more detail. If we get the problem cracked I'll write a guide and post it up here. I like to think - coming from a Windows/OS/2/DOS background I can assist some of the newbies out there with this interesing new Operating System. I live in the UK but happy to call WW to discuss the problem in more detail. Paul.
  9. I have been struggling all morning with this message having changed a few things on my machine and finally tracked it down to what appears to be a timing issue in the Phoenix bios on the machine I was using. I got fed up with entering my supervisor password and so reset it - on doing so I was unable to boot off any dvd or HD with OSX installed - always got the "system config file ' /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist' not found" message. Re-enabling the supervisor password has re-enabled OSX!!! Bizzare - I am guessing it is some wierd timing issue in the bios. On a second note I've noticed the bios on this Acer Aspire 9300 is very "un" configurable - it clearly has a setting inside that is setting the USB up to support legacy devices (floppy discs etc) - and so as a result I am unable to attach any USB storage devices to the machine. Has anyone seen anything similar and knows a way round it...? Paul.
  10. Patch AR5005G @ leopard?

    Can someone guide me through the steps of what do do with the file. I am pretty new to the terminal side of using Leopard and would like to try this out on my test box (which has a ar500g in it). Right now I am able to successfully install and boot off the hard drive to the install welcome screen where it is asking what country/keyboard etc. I think because there is no networking support detected it is looping back whenever I try and continue. (I botched getting through that stage by doing the change resolution to 640x480 trick and was able to confirm no networking) So I think all I need to do is boot back off the dvd once the initial install has completed and go into a terminal session, copy the file somewhere onto the OS X hard drive and modify a few things - But what I need to modify is the question and how . Could someone give me some guided steps (and if you're really decent point me at some kind of a guide that can talk me through the structure of OSX and how it all fits together). Thanks in advance. Paul.
  11. Hi guys, newbie here. I've just waited 4 days to complete the download of what I thought was a good Kalyway. It is a zip file which downloads okay and even appears to extract ... almost. The large .iso file included in the package extracts to 99% and then throws a "disk error". Can anyone point me to a good/fast torrent or a location I can ftp it from (fast)? I'm planning to install it on a Levono t61p. It has an nVidea Quadro FX570M graphics card , an intel 4965AG wireless lan,Intel 82566MM Gigabit Ethernet and a AD SoundMax audio card. Ideally I'd like all of them to be working.... Any suggestions how/where I can get a driver for them. If need be I can swap out the wireless card but the sound is integrated as is the graphics. Which driver is the right one for the Quadro FX570M display adapter. I think you'll need to send a private message with the details of the torrent/ftp download location. If this doesn't work - does anyone have a good working vmware image I could try out? Thanks for all your great work guys. I think OSX rocks!