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  1. Yes it supposed to run til 100% end, there should be a reminder of the installer is going to restart or having a button to click for restart, IIRC. Yes for full installation the installer usually reboots at initial stage for 1st time, but installation continues if u booted back to the installation partition, no matter high Sierra or Mojave but for my case, it reboots at the usb installer partition during the copy of the installation file, but this isn't supposed to be since the required files copying to the destination are incomplete. Anyway I solved by using Dodsdude1's patcher since it replaced the com.apple.telemetry.plugin for SSE4.1 cpu. Maybe can give it a try.
  2. Hi, try the Apple AHCI port kext here: One of my WD 250gb mechanical HDD won't appear during and after installation, but this kext helps the HDD being recognised. Place it at clover efi/kext/other
  3. winipcfg

    Mojave On GT 610 ? And other Fermi card

    Hello, I got a gtx460, does that mean other than replacing coredisplay and putting the kext to clover, I still need to edit the info.plist inside the kext by changing "GF100" to "GF104"? thank you!
  4. hi Hervé yes I tried using Dodsdude1's patcher and I installed mojave successfully, thank you! Hoever I still need to enable some of the the legacy hacks inside the patcher, the problem probably relates to com.apple.telemetry.plugin. I also read that macruqmor post before since I got a mid-2010 13" MacBook pro, but i don't know this can be applied to hackintoshes as well. If I didn't enable any of the hacks, mojave would reboot when entering 2nd stage apple boot logo. Now I am going to solve tons of audio, graphics and lan kext, many thanks.
  5. Hi everyone,I am installing Mojave 10.14 release on a legacy 775 motherboard PC:Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6Core 2 Extreme QX97704 x Kingston DDR2 800ghz RamGalaxy GTX460 1GB120GB SSD Leven JS500120CI pulled out 2 mechanical HDDs before installation, when I reach the macOS installer booting from the usb drive, I format the SSD to HFS+ / GUID and start the installation process, but the installer reboots at "About 2 minutes remaining", I captured the verbose mode screen before it shutdown in just half a second. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f2UtVAS6CajXQI0-CNMSi1RGVNHhEopw/view?usp=sharing)The installer did copy files to the SSD and generate a boot entry in clover, but when I boot from it, it still stuck at "less than a minute remaining" and can't finish the installation process. I guess the reason is the installer is not yet completed to copy all the required installation files to the SSD. So I was thinking am I messed up with the clover bootloader, or my graphic card gtx480 is already too old too support Mojave? Thank you!Attached is the clover config.plist config.plist
  6. winipcfg

    Fix Apple logo resolution on boot

    install csmvideodxe-64 at tools->install drivers, then set the appropriate screen resolution again at Graphics tab, but this may cause some side effects, like the clover won't boot at all.
  7. The problem I got is the system will stuck between the 2nd stage boot logo and login screen on first boot, I need to soft restart the PC in order to get pass the stuck, whatever at clover or at bios. The system also can't shutdown occasionally if it's been on for a while. I believe they are the same problem. p.s. 'cpus=1 boot flag can solve it, but as you know the performance will be slow as hell.
  8. Thanks MaLd0n, but is the file put at the path /EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched ? I have put the aml in the above path but can't solve the boot problem.
  9. Hello Mald0n: Nice to meet you, I have created a post about my problem on High Sierra before and I was redirected to this guide by Allan. As mentioned in the post, I was not able to get pass the login screen at initial boot and the system could not shutdown occasionally. However I solve the high temperature problem when I replace the clover folder you provide on first post, currently the cpu temperature is around 5x-6x'c after 10 mins up time. Attached is the clover folder, ioreg as well as the send me app, thanks for your help! p.s. I notice that your clover boot efi is a old traditional grey apple boot logo, Is there a version of modern dark and white logo one that I could replace with? Thank you! https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/333867-cant-get-pass-2nd-stage-boot-logo-on-initial-boot-and-high-temperature/ My system:Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6Core 2 Extreme QX9650 C04 x Kingston DDR2 800ghz RamGalaxy GTX460 1GB120GB SSD Leven JS500120C, high Sierra installed250GB seagate ST3250310AS250GB WDC WD2500JS-08NCB1 File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_k3_jxvzGaLfDzin0zSAUT5ml16Hq15c/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hello everyone, I successfully installed high Sierra 10.13.3 on SSD and updated to 10.13.4 on my x48 775 C2Extreme desktop. But I got a strange problem, when I start the PC by pressing the power button, i.e. first time starting the computer, high Sierra would get stuck at login screen or apple logo progress bar with movable cursor. The 'cpus=1' bootflag can solve the problem, but this also means a great efficiency loss. Instead of hard shutting down and boot again, I need to soft reset the system in order to get pass the login screen and enter desktop and finder. The soft reset include choosing reset option in clover, press the computer reset button, enter the bios and quit saving or without saving, etc. Simply speaking, I can get pass verbose mode prompts and get stuck at between second stage boot logo and login screen. I try to configure some power management setup in bios but none of them helps. Besides I also can't shutdown the high Sierra occasionally by choosing the finder apple logo then shutdown, the cpu temperature rise to 80'C in just 5 minutes, when compared to my windows 10 is around 60'C, would they be the same problem? Attach is the login screen stuck and clover config.plist, thanks everyone! My system: Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 Core 2 Extreme QX9650 C0 4 x Kingston DDR2 800ghz Ram Galaxy GTX460 1GB 120GB SSD Leven JS500120C, high Sierra installed 250GB seagate ST3250310AS with win10 installed 250GB WDC WD2500JS-08NCB1 config.plist