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  1. Sound Problem...

    Hi all! I just today turned on my Hackintosh,and something happened on iTunes,i click play,it start palying but without sound... And at yputube Videos don't have sound too,whatever,i don't have sound,what I need to do? Sorry for my bad english Specs are in my signature
  2. Marvin's AMD Utility

    I downloaded Guitar Combos installer from Native-Instruments,wich is .app and for Intel! How i can patch it?
  3. TNX,but how i can patch the file???Because the installation is .app
  4. Hi! I installed OSX,all works good,but I wanted to isntall Pro 53 and Guitar Combos from Native Instruments,I downloaded the packages,and when I click install it just closes!Why? Thanks!
  5. Oh,it was a my mistake,USB is running :pirate2:
  6. PC:Custom Graphics: Nvidia 6600GT MB: Abit KN8 Ultra Sound: AC'97 Extra items selected during install: I choosed to install Bootloader(MBR),and 3-party drivers(all) Works all,only when I start OSX it Displays error(I don't know why) First time when I installed this,it was the same as all other...Waiting for root device and so on...But,when I choosed 3-party Drivers it runs!Only USB isn't working,anyone knows any driver for USB?
  7. Hi! Installation was fine,but i can't boot up! I try -x -v,but it opens installation!What i need to do? My hardware you can see in the sign Thanks!
  8. Your screenshot

    giakk86,is that just Ubuntu,with some skins???
  9. OSx86_10.4.8_Jas not booting!

    Anyone know what to do?Because it won't boot,and i don't like standing on Linux Live CD Ok,I type -v -s then /patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt and it says it does not exists,one peopole tell me i shod try this:/sbin/mount -uw / ok it displays something...Then cd /system/library.extensions an then i needed to type rm -rf Geforce.kext but it displays that directory doesn't exist... Please Help me Thanks!
  10. Hi! I installed Kalyway 10.4.10,installation was good,but when restarting it stops booting and displays Debuger Called <Panic> and so many sentences...What I need to do?Maybe my 512mb ram is that why it not booting? Thanks,and sorry for my bad english
  11. OSx86_10.4.8_Jas not booting!

    I think it was the full version of JaS,i'm downloading Kalyway...
  12. Hi all! I installed the OSx86 10.4.8 JaS,but it doesn't boot up! The last screen I saw was this: http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/6464/wtfzd1.jpg What means the text in it?I doesn't entered any -v and -s... Thats why it doesn't boot?My hardware you can see in my signature...Maybe I need try Kalyway 10.4.10 (IntelSSE3 + V1.1_AMD&SSE2_Patch+fixes)? Thanks!
  13. Wich OSX86 Choose?

    One... Ok I choosed,installed but when restarted it just don't boot... Anyone knows SSE 2 AMD Leopard version?