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  1. Thanks for this default install works fine for me on my samsung R20 I find that like you scrolling is activated by how hard i press on the track pad I only have one finger scrolling but on both x and y axis thanks again
  2. hello Ihave a samsung R20 running Kalyway 10.4.10 Sound worked with Azailla patch during install but no headphone support. Since using HDApatcher my headphones now work but does not mute the internal speaker Also the fn key combo no longer controls sound but the sound icon on the menu bar works how would i fix this If it is not possible to fix how do i remove the patch as ALCinject runs during start up, i have backed a copy of the original azailla kext. OK after a 3rd reboot fn key sound control is back windows says my subsystem id is 144dc511 &rev1000 Am i taking these values from correct place
  3. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    no joy with graphics yet could it be possible that the garbled screen could be down to the timings and other settings in the plist. the problem is i dont have a clue where in the plits these values are or what they should be. i mite try katana as i only want the correct resolution but i have reinstalled my system so many times southbridge fix causes AppleLPC::start - RCBA not enabled error on boot i can not find any reference to what this means, but the system boots fine. After southbridge fix on 2nd boot sound is disabled. battery indicator works fine, sound and wifi worked without any addtional tweaks needed. ACPI/PowerManagement deafult install coruptted my OS X86 and uninstaller did not work. may try again but install kext only. My main issue is i can not get sleep mode to function. i can live without everything else but i need sleep has any one else experienced this issue
  4. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    I have managed to get the sound working and impove my xbench score by applying the southbridge patch still no luck with Graphics card and i get panic error on boot with north bridge patch im going to try the sleep patch and just force resolution from com.apple.boot.plist file for now till i can figure out how to fix graphics card Does any one know how to get the trackpad scroll function to work
  5. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    installed and functioning only after editing the id for the sata controller as it was not detecting my hard drive Wifi works out the box# Sound works after patch ole2 supplied After applying the kext files for video upon reboot screen is full of artifacts and unusable i entered my ids in this format 0x79421002 as this matched the format of the entries already listed in the kext files. i am going to redit the plsit files leaving only my pciid in the hope this fixes the issues
  6. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    I have kalyway 10.4.10 working on the R20 I had to add the correct device id and vendor ID to AppleVIAATA.kext and AppleACHIPort.kext to get os x to recognize my hard drive. System boots fine and wireless works out of the box. I have not tested sound yet. Tried to update graphics driver as per guide but after the step2 i booted into osx and the display was all messed up. I have just replaced the kext file with the original before edit and am hoping i will return to my grainy display and begin troubleshooting again.
  7. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    Hello i need some help here. I am new to macs. I have followed the installer as pictured on reboot i am stuck with "still waiting for root device". I am installing this on the 4th partition 1st being the recovery partition 2nd vista boot partition 3rd vista D drive 4th is os x From other threads i have read i have gathered that it is a problem with my harddrive controller but i have no idea how to fix this. Can someone point me in the right direction.
  8. Samsung R20 (NP-R20)

    Hello I have a samsung R20 I am going to try this as soon as i get a spare internal Harddrive. Can i just confirm you managed to get the wireless card to work on this. Once i get it working i may try to get it to dual boot with vista if possible or to run of a CF card. one more thing how is performance of os x86 on the R20, would you say it is equal to similar specified macbook.
  9. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    1st post here I previously tried to install 10.4.6 jas but had problems because of my P965 chipset and sata HDD. Have these issues been fixed and do i have to do anything to prepare the HDD. Thanks in advance for all your hard work