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  1. released Update to 10.6.4

    Post the specs on your build if you want anyone to help... Somebody may already have a DSDT for you! what machine is this applicable to what motherboard and processor? what graphics card? what does the pmVersion+20 variable affect?
  2. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    For some time now, I've been running Chameleon from a usb flash drive. This makes it possible to run DiskWarrior without screwing up the system drive. Actually, my system disk is completely vanilla with the exception of RealtekR1000.kext installed to System/Library/Extensions. pandar
  3. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Hi I have a GA-EP35-DS3P. Asere edited my DSDT.aml a few weeks ago. My machine is running great, but boot time is longer than I would like. I would like to simplify my EXTRA folder further. I'm actually using the one in the Stellarola EP45 package. I'd like to try a different, simpler one with the newest Asere RC4. Would you mind sharing your extra folder with me? I'd like to try it. I assume you're also using Asere's latest RC4? Thanks Pandar
  4. Hi Glad you had success. I'm curious though about a couple of things. Some of the acid tests for osx86. If you leave a cd or dvd in your drive for a while with no activity, does your computer freeze? I had a LiteOn drive which Apple never uses, and it would freeze up. I purchased a Sony Optiarc and the problem was solved. Also, can you download and install Microsoft Silverllight? If so, your CPU detection is working properly. I'm curious. If you have time to check these things, please let me know. Pandar Hi Where did you hear of this fix? What version of Chameleon and/or PCEFI are you using? Pandar

    Hi I'm running a GA-EP35-DS3P. My installation of 10.6.2 is "mostly" good. I have a couple of funny little issues. 1. First of all, hows your audio? 2. Can you run Microsoft Silverlight installer successfully without a hack? 3. Try opening the Chess application that comes with Snow, and play a few moves into the game. Does the computer player respond after 2 or 3 moves? Does Chess freeze? 4. What video card are you running? I'd sure like to know these things. If you can help, I'll greatly appreciate it. Thanks Pandar
  6. I already tried that. The very latest one like the link you sent. Just for grins, give the file a try on your computer.... if you feel like it. Thanks Pandar
  7. Hi I have an mkext file that has been working great on my GA-EP35-DS3P, but to do the 10.6.2 update I need to unpack it and remove or replace the sleepenabler.kext file. I have tried everything I can think of, and keep getting a message from every app I use saying it can't unpack the contents. The trouble is, it's the only solution I've found that gives me sound, sleep, and all other fixes. I'm hoping someone is smarter than me! Thanks Pandar Extensions.mkext.zip
  8. Hi Boy, do I want to fix this issue. My problem is that I have an otherwise clean installation. I had so much difficulty getting that installation, that I don't want to f*** it up. Can you tell me what file to change without using a new bootloader? I have a q6600. There are a few apps that seem to react negatively to the unknown processor problem. Sure would appreciate any help. Thanks Pandar
  9. Hi I'd definitely like to give your modified Chameleon a try, as their are a couple of installers in my setup that get stymied by the "unknown" processor syndrome. Unfortunately, I'm unaware of how to do a manual install of Chameleon. Can you give me a run down on the steps needed to install your modified Chameleon? Thanks pandar
  10. Gee... My double post was because I really thought it hadn't gone through. I looked, and waited about 30 minutes looking for it. I couldn't FIND the old post to edit it. Am I an idiot... perhaps, but I really don't need you to tell me so. We're all trying to solve common problems. I've learned not to let people like you bother me too much. Maybe you should learn the same lesson. At any rate, I do appreciate the trouble you've gone to with this thread, but really.... I suggest you take a break....maybe a nice long walk or something. Pandar
  11. Wow I just did another install using a lot of what I found in this thread. I used the Nullspot's USB install disk method. I also used a prepared DSDT that I found elsewhere. I've been pounding on it for over 2 hours now, and it's working great! I do still have 3 issues. 1. I don't have my ALC889a working yet, nor have I made much effort. I'd appreciate some help from anyone who's got theirs working. I normally use a Metric Halo 2882 +DSP 2. I had to delete a lot of stuff from the installation or it wouldn't finish. I deleted: a. Printer support b. Additional Fonts c. Language translations I also deleted Quicktime player, Rosetta, and X11, but I had no difficulty installing these as individual packages The issue here is that my printer's software support is only available on the disk. I had an installation get "close" before, and I tried installing printer packages with Pacifist. This didn't work. To begin with I got dozens of messages saying the expanded packages failed verification. Ultimately, I just tried installing the packages straight from the dvd, but ultimately that didn't work either. 3. Maybe not a big deal, but I used the modified PC EFI 10.1 installer from this thread. While it works, I get the faint gray hard drive icons in the bootloader and on the monitor I'm currently having to use I can scarcely read the text of the boot options. I thought PC EFI 10.1 was Chameleon with a different bootloader. I would like to replace the graphics with the nice green stuff from Chameleon. How can I accomplish this without screwing something up? Thanks to all for all the great information and help! Pandar
  12. Well.. I think I've succeeded in achieving an almost perfect install...(knocking on wood). My machine is a GA-EP35-DS3P. I followed this thread because it seemed pretty complete. I did download a DSDT.aml from another source, and did quite a bit of reading in other threads. I want to thank all the people who worked hard on documenting what they know. I followed the nullspot tutorial, and prepared a usb stick for the install. I haven't tried yet for sound support (alc889a). If anyone can give me some hints that'd be great. Actually, I mostly use a Metric Halo 2882+DSP. In the past I just used built in sounds for system alerts. Here's a couple of things I would like some help with: I used the PC EFI 10.1 bootloader file from this thread. It's working great, but it has very light gray icons, and the text for boot options is almost unreadable on my monitor. Is there any way to get the Chameleon graphics back without screwing everything up? Is PC EFI 10.1 based on Chameleon? 2. Also, when I installed, I had to deselect all printer packages. Since my HP Photosmart printer's drivers are only available on the DVD, I'm having a hard time getting my printer up and running. When I had an earlier "not quite perfect" Snow Install, I tried selecting all the HP items on the dvd and installing them in bulk. I ended up having no luck with that. I tried Pacifist, but it gave me hundreds of verification errors when expanding the archives. Anybody have any ideas about this?
  13. Build Mac pro Hackintosh

    That's a nice budget. The Gigabyte boards are about the most Hackintosh compatible. With your budget, you can go for one of the boards on this page: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....p;name=GIGABYTE All these require the new I7 intel processor. Pick the one you can afford. Then choose all sata hard drives and dvd/cd drives. Buy all the memory you can stand and, in my opinion stay with Nvidia graphics. I know that drivers are available for up to the 9800 series, and I believe the newer series are also very workable. Good luck Pandar
  14. Hi Can anyone tell me about smbios.plist. How is it created and edited? I saw it referenced a couple of times now. thanks Pandar
  15. Hi I found your post, and it has already answered a couple of questions that I had great difficulty answering. I use a bit older board than yours. Mine is a GA-EP35-DS3P. I recently downloaded the Chameleon 2.0 installer, and have tried using it 2 ways. Now, I've installed Chameleon on a usb stick and am leaving it in the computer, and I have an OSX installation WITHOUT a bootloader on a new drive. Because I had issues with UUID causing me to be unable to use Netflix player, I used EFI studio to install EFI strings for my ethernet and my Video. This is all working well. I would like to all my extensions and fixes load from the USB stick, and keep my install disk "Mac Only". The part I don't understand is the loading of the files that are in my Extra/Extensions folder on my Chameleon Boot Stick. If I want to load the EFI strings from the Chameleon USB boot stick, how do I accomplish this? I copied a section from your post that I have a question about. Here's the quote... "Then I downloaded Chameleon 2 rc1 and installed it. There is an automated installer now. Use that one. It will create a /Extra directory. In the Extensions directory you need AppleDecrypt.kext, Disabler.kext, and OpenHaltRestart.kext, AHCIPortInjector.kext, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext." In the quote above you say.."In the Extensions Directory you need.... do you mean the extensions folder in the Extra folder? Thanks Pandar