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  1. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    I've got my system working fine, ethernet, audio, iCloud, etc. However, the only way I can boot is with the -f option, so there is obviously a problem with my caches. I would run the "Fix" option in MyHack but it adds the "myhack.kext" to S/L/E that causes a KP. I can't find any documentation on what scripts MyHack is running when it "fixes" things. I know there is some sort of merging that happens between the kexts in E/E and S/L/E so that you can leave your S/L/E vanilla. Does anyone know how this can be done manually? I've tried "touching" the S/L/E folder and then using kextcache -update-volume but that doesn't seem to help. I think I need to get the kexts in E/E into the cache somehow. I suppose I could just take them out of E/E and put them in S/L/E but I'd like to keep it vanilla for updates later.
  2. I have the same setup as you, check out my post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1499725 Everything works on mine including sleep. I have to run the USB's at slow speed setting in the BIOS for them to work reliably.
  3. I found an old VGA monitor and it works fine. Resolution of the monitor is only 1280x1024 so I don't know if higher resolutions work on the VGA output. Colors look OK and the contrast seems fine. I couldn't get VGA and DVI to work together (dual monitor setup). Haven't tried HDMI at all (don't have a cable or a monitor). I'm not using any DSDT mods for video or any kexts, just using Chameleon's video helper.
  4. Thanks for the help! It was HDAC. I made the changes per Minihack's guide and suddenly I had Audio, woohoo! Interestingly, I didn't need any extra kext's and using the 10.6.4 vanilla AppleHDA.kext. In fact S/L/E is completely vanilla. If anyone has a GF9300-k-e here is my DSDT and E/E folder that should get you up and going. I have an E8400 CPU so the DSDT might need modifying if yours is different, or maybe not? Extra.zip Thanks again for the help. This is a great little board for Snow. Extra.zip
  5. Hi All! New to the Zotac gf9300 board but I've built 3 other hackintosh's, so not a complete noob. I tried to follow minihack's excellent DSDT guide, but my raw DSDT (boot without DSDT.aml) is so completely different from anything else I've seen here. Ironically, CMOS-reset, LAN, restart, sleep, shutdown and video all work great without any DSDT.aml in /Extra. I have the BIOS set for external codec but I can't find anything in my DSDT dump that looks like a sound driver, no AZAL or HDEF. Closest I can find is SPKR but I don't think that's it? Could someone take a look at my DSDT and tell me where the audio device is? Using a GF9300-k-e by the way. Only difference I think is the DDR3 memory. Many Thanks dsdt.orig.txt
  6. I had the same problem. Turns out when you use migration assistant it also brings over all your old kext files from /System/Library/Extensions. Just go through it and delete out any kexts that came over from the old machine then rebuild with Kext Utility or manually. Edit: I should say, delete any kexts that were used in 10.5.x to boot the system. Some of the kexts will be required for you programs to run. It should be obvious which are which, or you could look at your 10.5.x install package and see which kexts it added to /Extensions and then just delete those.
  7. I just got mine working. Well kind of. I did a manual install to both raid slices but no matter what I try, only one of them will boot properly. Other one just does this... Boot0: GPT Boot0: Testing Boot0: Testing Boot0: Done Then it just sits there an I have to reboot. Can you share your install method please? Thanks
  8. I missed that in your earlier post, I didn't install any print drivers, actually just a bare-bones install, maybe that's why I didn't get any KP's. The only post install KP I've had was with Photo Shop, but I've heard that's a genuine "bug" (as opposed to a hackintosh "bug" )
  9. That's really weird because I must have done 5 SL installs straight from Leopard using OSInstall.mpkg and never had a single KP. Now I'm worried why i didn't get a KP . I have the "family" upgrade DVD, but I can't imagine it's any different? Wait a minute, are you talking about KP's AFTER install or during install?
  10. GTX 260 on Snow Leopard

    I didn't think Chameleon RC2 was working with Snow?
  11. My whole system goes down too, i.e. Kernel Panic
  12. +1 More than likely when you installed Snow it wrote a new bootloader onto your hard drive which is specific to SL and won't load 10.5.x systems. I'm sure the next Chameleon / PC EFI release will fix a lot of these problems.
  13. Don't know how to monitor how fast your cpu is actually running from within OSX but if you disable EIST in BIOS then you should be running at full speed, right?
  14. Well, after 3 days of , I've kind of got it working. The only way I can get it to boot into a software RAID set is to boot off a USB stick or another drive and just set the UUID of the raid volume in com.apple.Boot.plist and smbios.plist. The "old" way in 10.5.8 was to fdisk boot0 to each raid slice then dd boot1h to the boot sector, etc, etc. Just doesn't want to work in SL though. All the threads on "how-to-install on a...." use a packaged version of Chameleon 2 RC1 and EFI v10.1. I need to know what's going on inside the installer to see why it's not working on softRAID.