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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I dunno wtf I did.... DSDT worked great for autosleep on AC pwr first boot... I changed a couple things, and boom goes the dynamite lost sleep on AC. Closing lid works great, as does Menu>Sleep. Even wakes fine. Meh
  2. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    I'm pretty lazy and uneducated with CLI, but yes you use the sudo install method w/chown 755 etc. I use these gui tools, not that they are faster or better than the Terminal for those who are skilled with it, but there's less chance of screwing things up. (One lousy keystroke, and you're redoing the command). Use Kexthelper first, just drag the kext into the app, then hit password. You can rebuild the kextcache and repair perms here too, but Kexthelper has been kinda flaky with me on SL so, then I use KextUtility next to repair perms, and kextcache etc. A couple clicks, then reboot (with -v optional). Kext_Helper_b7.app.zip KextUtility.v2.3.2.dmg
  3. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    This mostly applies to older Compaq/HP laptop users, but perhaps it will help others with BRCM issues also... Back in the early Leopard days I fought night and day to enable my BRCM4311 mini pci-e wireless on my laptop. After replacing kext after kext, and using the o.g. enabler script from this OP, I almost gave up on Wifi forever. Fortunately for us old school guys there was a script ninja named Chun-nan/Eureka who figured out the heart of the problem for many fellow Hackintoshers and created a Leopard kext. You see, the problem for many (again, not all) is the soft power switch that turns on the pci-e card, in this case the wifi card. Taping pin 20 has no effect on this, neither does swapping out kext after kext with different device id's. As many have found out, performing ioreg, and some other terminal commands often recognizes the pci-e device, or you may have a Airport diamond in your menu bar, but get a message like "Wireless device not installed/recognized"... We simply have to tell the OS to "wake up" our wifi card, and we do that using the attached kext. I take no credit for this kext, I don't even remember where I got it from, but I know it was on this forum somewhere. All I know is it's a reverse engineered SL version of Chun-nan's Leopard kext, and it works for me perfectly. (Running 10.6.6 and no problems with this kext if installed correctly) Oh, and don't panic if your wifi card status light doesn't come on after installation, mine only does after booting from Windows into Mac without shutting down power in between. The important thing is for airport to show up after the install. Again, this is meant for PCI-E & Snow Leo only, and perhaps mini pci-e at that. Use at your own risk, and good luck! IOPCIFamily.kext.zip
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Thanks for the quick response, I have sound back, and am looking for the appropriate kexts for a permanent solution. Keep up the good work... "Maldon the great - Creating great DSDTs since 2009 ."
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Maldon, Thanks big time! The dsdt from post #1504 has fixed my sleep problems, completely apparently...(I'm using Voodoo P-state kext in S/L/E, don't know if I should be, but it seems to be working correctly ) However, I don't know if you injected any HDA info, but upon using new dsdt, I started getting KP for VoodooHDA. I prompltly removed it using trust Nawcom boot disc, and did the usual repairs etc... I can boot fine, but now lack sound My question is if you did make audio changes in dsdt, should I be trying to use a custom applehda (I have vanilla applehda in S/L/E, but apparently its not working) or should I be looking for something else like AppleAzalia kext? I'll be doing some experimenting... If anyone else can answer, feel free. Thanks again for your efforts
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello Maldon, Thank you for these wonderful DSDT tools for noobs like me who have very little skills at dsdt editing! Here is my sendme file for my Compaq C500 laptop. As you'll see I don't have too many kexts in extra and getting real close to 100% working vanilla install... Only thing not working correctly are auto sleep which I believe may be an issue related to speedstepping, and possibly improper device id on LPC in dsdt? I could be way off, but this is what lots of reading has led me to, and correcting DSDT for intelPM945 express is my last resort! Thank you for your time in advance. send_me.zip
  7. Voodoo PS2trackpad amnesia issue

    Here's the deal, I have same pc, with 2 partitions for mac, a 99.9% working install of iAtkos s3 on partition 1 updated to 10.6.5, 10.6.6 (updated without any issues) and a 98% working "dummy" install of 10.6.3 that I use for utility/fail safe purposes. Partition 1 I have fully tweaked, and made sure I carefully selected all correct kexts for C500 hw, and the trackpad issue is not present on this partition, however I do have the same issue as you on the dummy install that I didn't spend much time on (also no working sound, yet). So my point here is this: 1) You never specified your install type, or what kexts you have in your E/E folder, also what version of Chameleon or other such bootloader you are using, & DSDT etc... That info is important to making an accurate diagnosis. 2)Recheck your installation...There is probably a kext not loaded correctly, or perhaps not installed at all during SL installation. Maybe a Kernel issue, if you run vanilla kernel? You could always reinstall the latest version of SL approved voodooPS2, and of course be sure to repair permissions for E/E, and to also rebuild your kextcache using command line, or kext utility. After this cross your fingers and reboot. Please reply with your install details(Was it retail, or a distro), and your Extra kexts to help narrow down your problem. I'm also curious as to if you have any auto-sleep issues, as this and a missing battery option in Energy Saver are the only things not working perfectly for me at this point. Edit- Solved missing battery tab On the other hand, I could always copy my working E/E folder and give it to you, but as I mentioned, you may encounter the issues that I'm having. Also, did you get Wifi to work, because if not I can get it working for you in a flash. In the meantime, try and create another OS X install for utility purposes, it makes life much easier if you encounter any KP's at boot. Good Luck
  8. Wireless on Compaq Presario C500 Laptop

    This kext is all you need to get wifi working on the C500. Back it up 2 or 3 times, and save it, because this kext is a pain in the ass to come by! This should also work on the C300 presario. Note: This kext was works on my C500 with SL 10.6.3, I cannot say if it will also work on Leo, but I believe it will. Just use kext helper, or install to S/L/E, and reboot (assuming that you have enabled brcm4311 wifi during your install) IOPCIFamily.kext.zip