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  1. Worst Thing about Macs

    Well the quote button isn't working and i'm too lazy to figure out what the code would be to do it manually. Nevertheless, command+~ doesn't change {censored} all, it doesn't even bring up a menu such as command+tab. Second, how am I actually wrong Embio, want to actually clarify with some real points? or are you just gonna being the actual kind of person we're talking about on this forum and just say I'm wrong without backing anything up. ? I'm on this forum because I have a haxintosh and a macbook, did you even read what I posted, being that I clearly stated that I bought a mac. It's obvious that you actually ARE the exact user that this entire topic is about if you haven't even read my entire post to make a decision that I was wrong. I think this is the reason why people hate users like you.
  2. Transmission is not downloading

    hellanzb brotha' http://hellanzb.com Install and enjoy
  3. Is there any good software?

    The proper answer is Disco. http://discoapp.com/
  4. Worst Thing about Macs

    Personnally...I'm in love with Microsoft, Vista is the best peice of OS they've brought out yet, the SUA, redesigned TCP stack and networking is just amazing. However, it does have it's faults, whatever bugs it currently has and other things. However, it's a great thing to work in if you've ever actually sat down and had a gander or two with it and a massive improvement over all of it's other OS's. (Though I still like xp) Nevertheless, the most recent machine I purchased was a Macbook. I bought it second hand, from a friend of mine who just couldn't get used to the differences. My reasons for buying the machine was for something new. Not because OSX is better, but because for me it's new. I'm an avid *nix user, (accessing via ssh with putty) and having a few machines around the house for developement. Of course, if we're talking price range formatting my current vista machine and tossin' *nix on there which can only be as good as the time you're willing to put into it to make it exactly how you want. With that said, *nix is 100% open source which limits literally no-one from anything and of course I hope everyone knows here that OSX is really just a fancy unix distro, which if I understand is completely closed off, except for the kernel. Which of course is...completely useless to almost 99% of the mac users Now, as my opinion for Apple. I hate them, with every faction of me. I buy nothing new from them (no need to argue the indirectness of buying them second hand from people) But Why? Because Apple is 100% monopoly. There is nothing on mac you can't do without having to deal with mac. Want to buy a mac? gotta buy it from Apple, want to make software for mac? unless you go the open source way, you gotta have some {censored} sdk from mac. Want to get hardware from mac? without voiding warrenty? gotta buy it from mac, and get a mac authorized dealer to do whatever. Here's the best part.. Want to UPGRADE a mac? Buy a new one. Because good {censored} luck trying to upgrade anything and your os still being stable. Is anyone forgetting WHY OSx86 hackintoshes arn't stable? Because the entire mac system is tested and designed to work with specific hardware, not with whatever blow joe has availble. Let me remind everyone that very few companies (incomparison to all the thousands upon the thousands of companies that sell hardware for pcs) actually work with Microsoft. Yet Windows is made to accommendate every single company out there that has to make their hardware within a very basic set of guidelines. Where did this craziness about how ugly PCs look in comparison to macs? How can you even compare to the two? Only Apple makes macs. If I remember right, Microsoft doesn't really do anything past the OS part of the PC world. Except for maybe their Gateway machines. Which lets face it, are just some {censored} emachine anyways. I know that Apple doesn't make every peice of hardware, and very obviously buy some, most if not all from other companies who, are in direct collaboration with Apple. Mac users are exactly like most *nix users. For some reason both of these users think that their perferred OS is amazing compared to Microsoft and have absolutely no faults. Let me point out that there isn't ONE *nix distro that can be installed out of the box and have literally EVERYTHING (majority hardware) work. Of course, not every windows machine can either, you'll likely have to install some drivers. But you definately won't have to compile the driver yourself from source. I don't even think that anyone has even gotten webcam to work successfully on *nix. I've yet to met anyone. There is likly people who have, but nevertheless. It's basic things like this that turn people away from *nix. (This is actually the reason for going to mac, it's a *nix platform that everything works on but this is off topic.) Two things turn me off from mac, a REAL alt+tab system, that changes WINDOWS, not applications, and no actual maximising system without having to drag {censored} everywhere. Even *nix had these two things on the nail YEARS ago. As for what's his names post about apples prices. You can buy 4 gigs of ram from apple for if I recall right, 700$ USD, However you can buy sodimm RAM of equal quality and same size, for 101.99$USD Of course if you don't beleive me, go here and find out for yourself. http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.asp...%2815.4-inch%29 Apple is full of {censored} for over charging 500+$ Please people, Let's keep in mind what kind of companies you're comparing, one who makes and designs literally everything for their machines, the other who just makes the OS and expects everyone else in the world to make the hardware to run it. With that said, these people can't just make something anyway the feel like it. They have to conform to some sort of standard. (unlike apple) If ASUS wants people to use their motherboards, they have to conform to a system that allows their motherboards to be put into any PC case availble via screws, if Nvidia and ATI want their video cards to be bought by PC users their cards must be able to fit into any PCI, or AGP or whatever peripheral in any motherboard that has that peripheral. Samething with Creative, same thing with anyone who wants to make a harddrive the list just goes on. Now if you're going to go on and say, "it's no different with apple!" Of course it is. Only apple buys the hardware to put in macs, Apple makes the specifications in how they want a peice of hardware made and they just give it off to said companies to do it. Have any of you ever heard of minidvi until the macbooks came around? (not to dispute that it might have existed prior. but again, I've never heard of it until the macbooks that supported it came out, and I'm confident I'm well updated on availble hardware on the market. If companies didn't have to conform to a certain set of guidelines, the entire market would be just a free range. Apple doesn't have to conform to these restrictions, because you can only buy Macs from Apple. (hello monopoly) With that said, does everyone here seriously beleive that hardware companies worth thousands more than Apple in its entirity COULDN'T design a pretty machine if they wanted to? Why do these sorts of things just seem completely out of touch for people?
  5. rar expander doesnt extract this!

    Open up terminal, assuming you have unrar installed, cd over to the directory containing the files, choose the first one, eg, *.00 or 01 whichever it is, and run "unrar -e filename.00" and it should do the rest for you. IF you don't have unrar installed, or have any idea what terminal is, you're on your own....
  6. Essential Applications and Utilites

    I'd like to recommend hellanzb, the best usenet period. It does literally everything and all you need to do is drag and drop a .nzb file , it'll queue the rest of it up, download, check pars, unrar it, and dump it into a finished folder ready to use! It'll even decompres flac and several other formats into .wav. http://www.hellanzb.com/trac/ have a gander, don't be intimated by it's unixness, just setup macports and your ready to go ;o.
  7. Transmission is not downloading

    Your problem is that you're not using Usenet. Break down and buy a subscription, install hellanzb and you're set. ;o
  8. The Next Mac Cat?

    I won't buy a Mac until an OSX release has this name. OS X ThunderCat
  9. OSx86 Vs. Apple

    Well, if your a television company. Surely you must have some sort of legal aid within the nearby. Ask them if running an illegal OS is legal. I mean, it seems pretty obvious to me that having a hacked OS that is designed solely to run on specific Apple signed hardware, run on a rigged PC of sorts doesn't seem legal. Then deploying them for use within a business seems even more less legal. I mean, you accept those EULAs and TOSs, and other licenses for a reason. Which doesn't include the fact that as a business you have to buy some many kinds of licenses for your business. Anyone who has ever used Windows should know all about that. Even think about the entire business strategy of Apple and Microsoft. Apple doesn't make the majority of their money from their software. They make it from the immense profits of hardware. Which of course allows their OS and general software to be sold for pretty cheap. Which of course is the exact opposite of Microsoft, who take almost al (if not all) of their profits from software and very little from hardware. Hence why a copy of 2000 Pro, XP pro, and Vista ultimate and other versions are so massively expensive. Of course the homeish versions are expensive aswell when compared to Apples OS price. With all that in mind, it seems pretty obvious that running a hacked OSX on a unlicensed machine in a business environment would definitely be illegal. As for the comical comment about "apple labeled" things, I'll help clear things that in most License Agreements companies often will say their entire name in the begin and then afters say, "which shall be written as ..." or as Apple does, " ("Apple") which of course allows them to simply say Apple instead of Apple Inc everytime. Here is Some of the LA And My favourite part of the license. If you want to read the LA in its entirety and/or others go here http://www.apple.com/legal/sla/ Hope that answers any confusions.
  10. I always say Oh-Es-Ex-point-# When it first came out, I used to say os10 but then I figured it sounded cooler to say the roman numeral out. Usually amoung my friends we always pronounce roman numerals put, Eye-Vee, Vee, Eye-eye-eye, Eye-Ex, etc etc, (of course, not in that order ;o)
  11. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: iATKOS v1.0ir2, Regular Bootloader, EFI caused instant reboot Desktop/Home Brew Motherboard Manufacturer:ASUS Model:P5E Version: Bios Version: Chipset: Audio: no speakers haven't tried. LAN: Yukon included patch CPU Model Number: Intel P4 HT Recognised as: 3.2GHz Memory/DDR: 4x512 DDR reported speed=0 Video Manufacturer: ATI Model: 9600 AP Bus Type: AGPx8 Memory size: 128 Dual screen working? haven't tried QE/CI working? unsure Resolution changeable? Yes running 1280x1024, millions of colours Required patches ? Callisto 8 from uphuck 10.4.9, had to delete all ATI included files from /system/library/extentions/ to stop mouse artifacting SATA/IDE working: 2 IDE, one 120gig the other 80 other peripherals: onboard ohci1394 installed automatically and works fine Patches: Had to remove everything to do with Procthrottling and thermal monitoring. Other: Running dualbooted with Vista's bootloader OSX and vista on seperate drives, all updates work fine and xcode 3.0 installed fine (chud removed)