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  1. Hey! :-) I really need some advice. I am not completely new to this but I admit I am far from being an expert. I tried various (about 7 or 8) How-Tos or Tutorials, read in-depth tips about partitions, UEFI, BIOS and what not ... but I am still too stupid to get this up and running! My Goal: Dual Boot OS X and Windows 10 with Clover UEFI (only) My Setup: 1x 250GB EVO 840 - Mac OS X 10.11.5 1x 120GB EVO 840 - Windows 10 GA-Z87N-Wifi, 16GB RAM, GA GeForce 760 OC, 1TB Seagate Barracuda (GPT, HFS+, Data only, disconnected), 250GB Maxtor HDD (GPT, HFS+, Data only, disconnected) Yesterday I was very close (I think): • I reformatted the EFI Partition on the OS X SSD and reinstalled the newest clover. • In OS X I reformatted the 120GB SSD to GPT with the main part formatted as FAT. • I double-checked the correct existence of the EFI partitions on the OS X SSD (disk0s1) and the Windows SSD (disk1s1). • I set my BIOS to UEFI only. • I (UEFI) booted to my Windows 10 Installer stick and installed Windows 10 on the 120GB SSD. • Windows installation finished flawlessly. • I booted once more into Windows via pressing F12 on my keyboard to see if it was working. • Then I booted into Clover ... • Now I have 4 or 5 NTFS entries, all of them left to the OS X entry, that all boot to nothing! • The last NTFS entry, the only one right to the OS X entries, started up Windows 10 correctly for two tries! I thought I did it ... well ... with the third try, booting to Windows turned into a black screen. Windows is starting up ... the circling dots appear ... then the screen turns off and it stops. When I reboot and do it again, the "Auto Repair" appears. Then again, Windows is booting to a black Screen. The next time "Auto Repair" appears again ... and so on and so on When I boot up Windows with "F12", selecting the Windows partition, everything seems to be working just fine. OS X is booting like a charme from Clover. What am I doing wrong? I work on this for over a week now and I am getting really frustrated. :-(