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  1. Hi, I still with the same issue. After the system's waked I have not sound on headphones. The rest output/inmput are ok. I do not know what to do. If I use the app made by Wern Apfel I have the same issue just when I open it. Thanks a lot....!!!
  2. In devices: USB: inject & FixOnership Audio: 4 injected no more flags selected or filled. The switcher has some problems for me. When I select any output I inmediately lose headphone audio and it doesn't reenable again the audio with the options. When I wake the system lose headphones audio. These are the only problems with my system. Thanks a lot ...!
  3. What important is to path the HDAS to HDEF ? and what does it do? Thanks. P.S: I do not have this patch in clover. Audio is ok, except when wake up that I lose rear headphones. Thanks a lot
  4. Thanks, The only issues i got is after sleep I do not have Headphones neither mics, only line out. The HDMI kext work fine showing just one line. Another issue is that all outputs show the same name "line output" but this is just cosmetics
  5. Thanks... We have made some progress. I installed the kext(voodoo) and definitely I got HDMI audio and also installed the DSDT.aml in clover/.../patched/. HDMI audio does not show the name of the screen but it is cosmetics.(see picture below) I have to say that the changes were better because now when I disconnect the headphones automatically have line output and when connect the headphones I get sound through them, so this is a good improvement. The only thing to fix is after rebooted the system I lost headphones sound and microphone(yesterday I had lost line output instead) but after reboot I still had line output and HDMI sound. So I think there are some changes to do to get sound working properly. Well, many thanks for you help and if you want I will be here to try your changes and test it.
  6. Thanks Wern Apfel, I've used this files, I got HP and rear output, but no mic. After sleep no sound too. I have also tried CA0132 tools but when I selected any output immediately lost rear output and the output's name changed, line output is now Headphones :/ Gigabyte z170x gaming 7 Thanks a lot...! PD: Sorry for the inconvenience of you car.
  7. Help > Correct Patch DSDT for Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7

    Hi Maldon, How you doing? I have just put a graphic card and I got some issues. -I do not have HDMI audio -I do not have USB 3.0 in some ports ¿?¿? I am using GenericUSBXHCI.kext and patched in clover. I have attached Clover folder if you want have a look Thanks a lot...!
  8. Thanks...!! I am having some problem with this new AppleALC.kext, the first time I tried I had HP and rear output, mic failed. I also tried the CA0132 tool but it made me lost the rear output and changed the output name, I want to say that rear output was HP :/. I also put the hack to sleep and after wake up I also had HP.(but anymore) After rebooted the computer again I only had HP and no rear output. For the moment I have not be able to get sound after several reboots It is very frustrating, because sometimes works well and others not :/ Wern Apfel if you want I can test it and help you to build the definitive audio kext for the CA0132 Thanks and I wish you solve you issue with you car
  9. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thxs I actually using CodecCommander.kext in S/L/E. But I modified version of it because of my audio chip the Sound Blaster CA0132. But with CodecComander I can not fix the issue after wake up.
  10. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi, Firstly, I would like to thanks the people that work on AppleALC.kext project. I have the sound chip CA0132, it is working properly thanks to @Wern Apfel. But my problem is I lose the sound after system wake up. Can anybody help me in order to fix this issue? I will thank you.
  11. Thanks I did, but did not load sound controls. :/ Now it is working. What I did was to get rid of the nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext that use lilu.kext and instead I used AgdpFix app. Now I can use the AppleALC.kext and lilu.kext from post #440 and sound works. I'd rather to use nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext because I don't need to reinstall AgdpFix app after system updates, but for the moment is ok. Is there any problem to make hdmi works with discret card and this appleAlc.kext? Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi... Firstly, I would like to thanks the big help that people like @wern Apfel are doing here. I have a GTX 1080 and now I have some problems with the AppleALC. kext. Well, now AppleALC need to use Lilu.kext and codecCommander in S/L/E folder. The problem come when I use the Kext nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext because this need also Lilu.kext but the last release. If I use the last release of Lilu.kext then I lose sound, but If I don't, I lose nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext and can't boot without black screen. ¿what can I do? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi, Have you marked inject kext = yes, in the last tab of Clover Configurator? Also, select FixHDA_8000 that you don't. And use the kexts from post #440. Select id=5 in devices. it have to work.
  14. I decided to reinstall the whole system after several changes. Well, I had the same problem at beginning. But I tried with the CodecCommander on post #440 and the mic is now ok at rear. Just to let you know, because is must be a problem on the kexts. Thanks a lot for you patience
  15. Hi, Well, I am back to 10.12.5 ( no more beta) Now microphone works, but only front input, back input does not work(motherboard). It is weird, isn't? I have AppleAlC, Lilu and CodecCommander latest releases. Why does the motherboard input fail? Id=5 and Id=1 same problem. Thanks a lot @wern apfel for you help