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  1. I see where you attempted to add SSE4.1 emulation to the sierra kernel in 2017.  I was wondering if you still have the emulation the emulation source code files.  I will attempt the add the code to the current darwin source code to run mojave on on Mac Pro 1.1 (intel xeon ss3 instruction set no sse4). Note I do have experience working Unix  kernel code dating back to 1982 (Xenix).

  2. sudo dmesg if load hda by kextload manually. log show --predicate 'process == "kernel"' If you could set kdebug_enable =0xffffffff and build a debug kernel, that would be great https://github.com/apple/darwin-xnu/blob/master/bsd/kern/kdebug.c#L310
  3. Any HDA assertions in kernel log?
  4. 868070a1 is in gControllerDescriptions. How about replacing this one de10eb0b?
  5. Xcode installation crashes the machine for me on x399. Never able to boot from clover installed on hard drives, stuck with USB stick forever.
  6. ydeng

    AppleHDA on AMD

    High Sierra AppleHDAController::probe reads gControllerDescriptions for different Intel devices. Is the same static array used in El Capitan? I see the same static array for AppleGFXHDAController::probe, this time it contains 4 entries with AMD HDMI ids instead of 0x30 Intel HDA controller ids. Really need to understand how to patch this table to get AMD HDA controllers working.
  7. HDAController start checks device and vender ids. That needs to be patched. There is a whole list of intel controller properties defined in a static array, that needs to be patched for AMD device ids. No need to change ACPI device name to HDEF anymore because the probe function checks pci class code. Lots of work to do to make this work.
  8. ydeng

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Legacy boot or UEFI? I can only get the USB to boot for V2 and UEFI. Clover installed on hard drives never worked. You don't have any usb problems? Without native USB support, it just reboot on sleep. The first time you boot to HS 13.3, it will flash the onboard AQC107 to have Apple device IDs. You will need Apple drivers from it. 1800x compiles xnu kernel blazingly fast. All done in a minute. Way faster than FX8350.
  9. ydeng

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Do you get 10gbe working for AsRock Fatal1ty X399? How about USB?
  10. Did clover inject that "builtin"? /* preprocessor definitions for global mif identification */ #define HW_ATL_GLB_MIF_ID_ADR 0x0000001cu What is mif?
  11. Without GenericUSB, USB3.1 does not work. Could you post your ioreg dump? PTXH@00000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: port 1 unsupported protocol USB 03.10 PTXH@00000000: AppleUSBXHCIPCI::createPorts: failed to allocate port 1
  12. You need make there driver execute the following code. There are at least three checks, chip version, firmware version and a certain register value. It is easy to brake a card. I don't have the hardware to test patches. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/330614-success-aqc107-10-gbe-native-support-in-high-sierra-10132/?p=2579078
  13. Try this find / -name IntelCPUMonitor Looks like the complaint comes from here: https://github.com/warexify/HWSensors3/blob/master/plugins/CPUSensors/IntelCPUMonitor/IntelCPUMonitor.cpp#L164
  14. ydeng

    Clover General discussion

    run kextcache with "-v 3" switch. It will tell you each kext prelinked.