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  1. Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    hey fabriciom! whats that holding ya keyboard up like that???
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Hey mac user...could ya!
  3. good microphone?

    Rodes are decent mic's for the decent price. Best Bang for you buck and not going over 300 is the Studio Projects Line! the C1 condensor is a beast......almost sounds like the neuman line. I got the B1 condensor..i had the C1 which got stolen but they both do theyre job tremendously!! especially 4 vocals
  4. Logic Studio - Very cheap!

    i want this sooo bad~!
  5. im thinking its not either. hopefully we can get an update with this feature. I see a trend in apple and the way the implement things into they products. Hell if ya look close you can see how the macbook air screen resembles the new imac screens with the black border. Slick! im waiting on that update tho....hopefully
  6. but it has "Remote Disc" .... and i dont think the trackpad gestures are that hard to implement into the macbooks is it? Dish out a update Apple!!