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  1. Intel DG33FB 2-Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    No, I use a PCI Audio Card for my Audio, but the azillia audio package should work for the integrated Realtek Audio.
  2. Intel DG33FB 2-Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    Actually Vista x64 can be installed on GUID Partitions To do it you want to divide the partition in 2 and install Vista x64 first on the second partition, then use diskpart to flag the partition you are going to use for OSX(usually disk 0 partition 2) as active and then install OSX with PC EFI v8 bootloader(the Kalyway DVD uses PC EFI v8 for install) then you have a OSX+Vista x64 installation on GUID Partition Scheme
  3. Intel DG33FB 2-Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    It is not that i cant boot or anything, I am trying to get GUID partitions to work. I am able to get it to boot fine with PC EFI or the Standard Darwin x86 Bootloader only on MBR Partitions. The mission is to make a DG33FB bootloader with DFE Boot 132 to be able to use the Retail Install DVD. Also if i was to make a OSx86 DVD, i use INSTAHackintosh for doing it and it uses the Boot 132 method so if i can come up with the kexts needed to boot this board we may soon have a fully DG33FB Compatable OS X.
  4. I have managed to install OS X on my DG33FB Motherboard, but so far only on MBR Partitions. I am looking for a way to install GUID on this Board. I have tried EFI v8 with no luck. My hardware is as follows: Intel DG33FB MoBo Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2Ghz 4Gb DDR2 RAM @ 800mhz 400Gb WD SATA HD Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT 512mb Diamond Xtreme 5.1 PCI Audio Thanks for any help given
  5. Here is my guide to installing OSX on the Intel DG33FB Motherboard http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=131281 Hope this helps
  6. Intel DG33FB 2-Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    Your welcome, it was the biggest issue with this mobo so i figured i would post it once i found the fix. If you happen to know a working boot 132 configuration for this mobo please PM about it. I am working on a Special OSx86 DVD for this Mobo with all the fixes but don't know what kexts needed are for booting using Boot 132 + RTM OSX DVD.
  7. Intel DG33FB 2-Gigabit Ethernet Fix

    Yes, it works on the DG33FB that is the main reason i posted it, I am a DG33FB user and it is working fine
  8. Well here is the Diamond Xtreme 16-Bit 5.1 PCI Audio Device Drivers for OS-X. It may work on other C-Media Devices as well. I am currently using this now and I can confirm it does work properly. Use Kext Helper b7 to install the driver.CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext.zip
  9. Well here it is. I have personally tested and am using this for that matter, so It does work. Use Kext Helper b7 to install the kext. You will have to mess with your network preferences pane a little but without too much effort you have it working. Intel82566MM.kext.zip
  10. This guide is to hopefully answer all of the questions I have seen about how to run OSx86 on this Motherboard. Ok, first off for all you noobs i will not tell you where to download the OSx86 DVD I used, so don't ask. With that being said, let's do this. Things you will need: 0: SATA Hard Drive, and DVD Drives , IDE will not work 1: Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD 2: The Onboard Ethernet kext (Intel82566MM.kext.zip) 3: The Vanilla Kernel Shutdown/Restart fix kext (OpenHaltRestart.kext.zip) 4: The 10.5.3 ComboUpdate Fixed (Not Kalyways) 5: The 10.5.4 Delta Update 6: The Pre and Post 10.5.5 ComboUpdate Patches (i will give a web archive of the page to find them)index2222222.zip 7: The Official 10.5.5 ComboUpdate .PKG 8: A DVI or HDMI Connection to your Monitor ( VGA won't work, i have tried) Once you have all of this stuff we can begin. 1: Set SATA to run as IDE not AHCI in your BIOS (the OSx86 DVD will not boot in AHCI Mode) 2: Insert the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD in the DVD drive and boot it (this may take a little while so be patient it will boot when it is ready) 3: After the DVD boots and you have chosen your desired language. Open the Disk Utility(Found in the Utilities section of the bar at the top). 4: Select the desired SATA Hard Drive you wish to install to, then choose the partition option. 5: There will be a drop down menu that says "Current Partition Scheme" or something like that, use it to select the desired number of partitions.(I usually have only 1 per HD) 6: Click the "Options..." Button and select MBR Partition Scheme (APL an GUID are not working yet) 7: Now Name your Partition and Apply( be sure partition format is Mac OS Extended Journaled) 8: Now exit the Disk Utility. 9: Click Continue and then select the partition you just made to install on, once you at the point where you are able to customize the installation, click "Customize..". 10: Now leave everything checked except what i tell you to uncheck. 11: Uncheck the sleep kernel, and check the Vanilla Kernel 12: Uncheck ALL Network Items (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) 13: Check the correct Audio/Video Drivers for your setup 14: Check the Time Machine Fix and the Intel Memory Controller Fix 15: Uncheck the French Keyboard fix unless you need it and make sure you install Kext Helper b7 from the Applications area. 16: Click Done. 17: Now click Install. 18: After it restarts, and you have put in all of your info and are at your Desktop. Open Kext Helper b7, unzip the openhaltrestart.kext to your desktop and drag it to Kext Helper b7 and click Easy Install after entering your password. 19: Once it is done, restart. 20: Back at your desktop unzip Intel82566MM.ket to your desktop and install with kext helper b7 like before. Then restart. 21: Now install the 10.5.3 ComboUpdate Fixed. then restart. 21(a): If you are using an Nvidia GFX Card you may need to install the latest NvInstaller PKG after the restart to fix the Quartz Extreme being disabled. 22: Install the 10.5.4 ComboUpdate Delta, then restart. 23: Place the Pre-ComboUpdate PKG, Post-ComboUpdate PKG, and Official 10.5.5 ComboUpdate PKG on the Desktop. 24: Run the Pre-ComboUpdate PKG. 25: Run the 10.5.5 ComboUpdate, DO NOT RESART YET, LEAVE THE INSTALLER WINDOW OPEN. 26: Run the Post-ComboUpdate, after it has finished, you may click the restart button on the 10.5.5 ComboUpdate Installer Window. 27: After it restarts the first time it will restart automaticly without showing the desktop, THIS IS NORMAL. 28: Then it will boot normally. Now you have a fully updatable Hackintosh. Note: The Pre and Post patches may work for future Official ComboUpdates so don't toss them. I hope this guide helps those of you wanting to install OS X on this Motherboard. I was one of you for a long time and there was no clear install guide for this motherboard or especially the 2 Gigabit Ethernet so I figured I would be the one to post it. If anyone comes up with a way of successfully installing GUID without having to keep an OSx86 DVD in the drive to boot, please PM me about it so i can update the guide. Also any working Boot 132 Configurations (like what Kexts i need to add to boot) for this Motherboard are desired. Then I will create a OSx86 DVD just for us DG33FB Users (but once again i am unsure what kexts i need to add for booting this MoBo) Well anyway, Enjoy your new Hackintosh!!!!
  11. Mac OSX 10.5.2 Installation Issues!

    I have an Intel Core2Duo E4500 @2.2Ghz, Intel DG33FB MoBo with 4Gbs of RAM, C-Media Diamond Audio 16-Bit Card,and Nvidia GeForce 8500GT 512mb GFX Card. First enter the bios and enable S.M.A.R.T, HPET,UEFI Boot and set the SATA drive to Native IDE Mode. !!!!WARNING !!! Do not use GUID Partitioning it will not boot without the disk inserted if you do. Now that that is done, the way I got Kalyway 10.5.2 to install was to use the Speedstep Kernel, then uncheck all of the Audio and Network items, checked NVInvect 512mb, unchecked the french keyboard fix, checked the time machine fix and intel memory controller. and installed. But after you setup your account and get to you desktop for the first time, you want to restart. Then enter the bios again and set the SATA drive to Native AHCI and then reboot. Everything works great except LAN and Audio but the Audio problem is notfor you to worry about if you dont have the same card I do. I hope this helps clear up any questions people may have about install OS-X this motherboard. I will alllow people to contact me for further info and assistance. Email = Zero0000x64@gmail.com This is my privite Email address it is not for SPAM or other non-OSX related things. Is for people who really want the help of someone who has gone through the trial and errors of OSx86 installations (35 times so far, Tiger and Leopard).
  12. well I would press F8 at startup to enter Darwin bootloader menu then type platform=X86PC that disables hyperthreading and some other Core2Dou features. That is what I had to do with my Acer Aspire 3680-2022 w/Celeron M
  13. Applications not working...

    Apps Crashing is actually a common problem. It usually is because of the SMBIOS.kext is not the correct one for your system but then again I have never got OSX to install on an AMD machine before so it may have something to do with it being AMD. I would try installing on an Intel Machine an see if you get the same results. Core2Duo & Core2Quad CPUs work the best.
  14. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Maybe this question was answered already but oh well. I am trying to get full audio from my Acer Aspire 3680-2022. Its supposed to have Realtek ALC883 according to the wiki. All I get is audio from the built-in speakers. I am a big time noob when it comes to coding and that kind of thing, so easy instructions would be nice. My Hardware is : Acer Aspire 3680-2022 Intel Celeron M @1.73 Ghz 1.5 Gb DDR2 RAM 120 Gb HDD Intel 945GM Graphics My OS is: Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Upgraded from iATKOS v1.0i r2 with Kalyway 10.5.2 Combo Update for OSx86) Thanks in Advance
  15. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. That worked. thank you. I have almost got it to work, but after it installs, it reboots,then after the welcome screen, it locks up after i click not to migrate any accounts or settings. I am a big noob at this. So ill tell you what I have so maybe it will help. I am using an : Acer Aspire 3680-2022 120 Gb HDD 1.5 Gb RAM Intel Celeron M @ 1.73 Ghz