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  1. I update my cover using last configurations from main post. and press to update in App Store. It don't work. to update to Mojave ( installer refuse to continue). What I do wrong ?
  2. So I install clover in my macOS disk. and copy my EFI partition from USB to EFI partition on disk ?
  3. Oh thank.. now that working. Will look how work with my 970 SC and my audio. I have some question... I need install clover in my HDD too ? with efi files from my USB ?
  4. I do exactly that steps using that EFI folder. #251 nothing change. HDD keep not showing. my hdd is new.. never used. how i can check my macOS High Sierra installer version ?
  5. Im using that EFI folder. #251 Clover_v2.4k_r4289.pkg.zip show me.. can't be installed in that disk ( my usb installer drive with Sierra installer ) [ After close and open a few times that message disappear ]
  6. i don't know if i use CreateInstallMedia, my AHCI is enabled. I will test that clover version. I can replace entire EFI folder ? thanks for your big help I have much to learn.
  7. updated. Im using your clover r4246 from that topic. Yes.. im using only one hard disk + usb with macOS Sierra installer with your clover folder. It not show to select _hard drive to install_ in macOS Sierra installer setup screen.
  8. my hard drive is not listed to install macOS sierra.. in ussing a HDD... in using a barracuda Green