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  1. VGA not working in Yosemite

    No one has an alternative for me?
  2. VGA not working in Yosemite

    Thanks for the reply! Really appreciate it. The weird thing is that if I disconnect one of the DVI monitors, the VGA monitor is not turning on. Looks like a need some kind of kext for the VGA connector?
  3. VGA not working in Yosemite

    Sorry! Intel core i7 860 8GB RAM NVidia GT640 2GGB (DDR3). Is this enough or do you need more?
  4. Hi everyone, After a lot of work I finally got Yosemite back installed on my PC. There is only one problem: I have 3 screens, 2 times DVI and 1 time VGA. The problem is that I'm not able to use the VGA screen in MAC OS X. when I'm booting into OS X my pc is using the VGA monitor, but when the boot is finished and I'm ready to enter my password the VGA monitor disconnects and one of the DVI monitors takes place as main screen. I'm hoping someone is able to help me, because unfortunately I'm absolutely out of ideas.. Would love to hear from you guys! Kind regards MrOfficer PS. Screw TonyMacx86! Got banned two times but had no idea for what. Now they don't want to un ban me, but I don't even want that anymore, you're my main osx86 forum from now on