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  1. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    Hey back, I found AppleAzaliaFixAD1981 installer from the link that you gave me that ovof used. But is there any way to use speaker jack and mic jack of my laptop? Cuz I want to skype and here is my DPCIManager results
  2. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    thank you guys not even take a look to my problem now i been able to do this appendix. in terminal i changed everything like you said. but i now haven't got even sound icon on top-menu. tried to fix it back with my AppleAzaliaAudioADI1981 program again (which made it able for me to hear from laptop until 5 mins ago) but still notting changed. please help me if this (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=18642&st=0) is a solution or not. cuz i'm sure that i done every step correctly. PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!
  3. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    can't anyone help here? :S
  4. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    pls answer me guys. cuz i can't get my graphic card work properly (more than 1024x768) and I don't even understand any single thing from Appendix for my sound problem. everything you write is complicated. please make a little bit simpler
  5. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    So many thanks that you helping me but I couldn't get it work. I done everything you said but i still able to view my laptop max.1024x768 or did i typed to a wrong paragraph? see the attached pic below:
  6. Hp Compaq nx6310 Driver Problems

    thank you for your quick reply. i installed kextloader but and dragged graphic drivers that i have in my hdd as you said. installed. now i have 2 more resolution option. but they are: * 640 x 480 and * 800 x 600 i think there's no higher resolution cause of the graphic drivers that i have. isn't there any other solution that you could offer?
  7. Hello all, I have this computer (specs down below) and I just installed Kalyway 10.5.2 Intel_Amd OS X last week. I tried to solve my all problems by seeking these forums, but still some help is needed. Fixed usb problema with PCGen-303.4.5 download here. And fixed audio with AppleAzaliaAudioADI1981. But still I have these problems: 1* Audio settings are not full-usable. Can't use input and can't skype anymore 2* I guess Graphic card is not in use. For some reason after install i done /movevideodrivers and now I have a folder called "Backup_Video_Drivers" and it includes my chipset's graphic driver i guess (IntelGMA_Drivers) but I don't even know where to put that file. 3* Wireless? As I see I won't be able to use it anymore, but is there any updated news about it? And I am not informatical guy so if any help please post me back in an easy language. Cuz we're here 1 Polish and 1 Turkish Thanks by now Hp Compaq nx6310 Intel Core Duo 1.6-GHz, 533-MHz, 2-MB L2 cache Intel 945GM Express Chipset