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  1. Whoa, i finally installed my MHackintosh OSX Leopard (iDeneb 10.5.6) on my Siemens SSE2 Notebook and i will show you how i did it to dual boot with XP, Without using DVD drive but rather Image! But First here is my System Specs! Computer type = Fujitsu Siemens Amilo 1450M Series CPU = Intel Pentium M/Centrino @ 1.7GHz SSE/SSE2 Video = Intel 915 GMA Sound = Realtek ALC880(D) @ ICH7 Network = Realtek RTL8139 WLan = Intel ProSet 2200BG Ram = 2GB DDR2 667 Hard Disk = 120 GB Hitachi Optical Drive = TSScorp DVD+/-RW/DL /w Lightscribe Screen size = 15.4" The process below may be slightly altered so that even those unconfortable with some steps can have an alternative. The Process up to Dual booting was as follows: First i booted from Partition Magic on CD (Multi-boot) and Partitioned my Hard disk into a Windows Partition (called Windows=80GB) and a Mac Partition (Called MACOSX=40GB). I formatted the Windows Partition into NTFS, and the Mac Partition into Fat32. Both partitions were Primary so each one can boot once told to! Please note that the Windows Partition is the first one (at beginning of drive) and Mac partition is second (or to the end of the drive)! I Next made the Windows Partition Active (still using Partition Margic) and started installation of Windows. After Windows finished, i installed Macdrive so as to access my Mac Partition. Next Step is Mac Installation, how i did it. Because i didn't want to use an OSX DVD to install, i repartitioned & split my MACOSX partition to create an OSX partition at the end (called it iDeneb Install)of about 4.5GB. So i had three partitions in all: Windows(80GB), MACOSX(35GB), & iDeneb Install(~4.5GB). Next i copied the iDeneb ISO to the Windows partition (if you format the MACOSX partition into MacOSX Extended you could place it there). Next i removed my Notebook hard disk and connected it to another Mac using USB as external. I formated both the MACOSX and iDeneb Install partitions (using disk utility) into Mac os extended Jounaled file system. Next i clicked on restore and browsed for the ideneb iso on Windows partition to set it as the source. Then draged the iDeneb Install partition over to target. (If you have already erased the Partition you don't have to check the erase destination box before copying, otherwise some error comes up and process fails!). I clicked Restore and started copying mounted iso to last partition. At the end i ejected the external disk and placed it back into my Notebook. Now next step was to set the iDeneb Install partition to be active- remember it's also supposed to be Primary (don't use Windows to set active or partition magis, instead use Fdisk for dos or Acronis Disk director). I booted off a Multi-Boot CD (you could use Hirens CD) and set Last partition with iDeneb Install as active, removed CD and restarted. Process went very fast, and when installing, it skips verifying Contents because only CD's are verified! So the third partition is seen as iDeneb Installation Disk (it could be on a seperate physical disk if you have two with one for source and the other for installing). The Configurations At the welcome, i selected language and MACOSX was already erased so i didn't need to re-erase. Agreed to licence and on Destination, both MACOSX and iDeneb Install came up but iDeneb Install was read only so only option is to install on other partition MACOSX. This is how i customised at Installation Summary (when you click Customise button) Language Translations- Not Installed Additional fonts - Installed X11 - not installed iDeneb Essential System - Installed Netbook - not Installed Applications - Installed except Adium, ASU, Colloquy, and Transmission Patches Installed CPU=1 Fix Chipset - ICHx Fixed Kernel - 9.2.0 SpeedStep (Intel/AMD/SSE2/SSE3) AppleSMBIOS - AppleSMBIOS 1.0.13 PowerOff_Fix ACPI_SMC_Fix Seatbelt Audio- AppleAzaliaAudio Network - RTL8100 Display - Intel 900GMA After that Installation proceeded and finished faster than you would even imagin. Disks are faster to copy from than DVD/CD's. Challenges The iDeneb works perfectly with both QE and CI/Open GL enabled. But System profiler shows only 64MB out of 256MB of Graphics memory. If anyone can help me increase Video Memory to 256MB as was with Tiger that would be much appreciated. The CPU is in most cases running at higher speeds, and temperature meter shows it's working alot. I need some one to help me reduce the load of CPU. Could it be because Video Memory is only 64MB so CPU does most of the work? The Wireless Network driver for Intel 2200BG does not work when i install it. I downloaded iwi2200 for Leopard but it doesnot work. If someone can provide me with a link for one working i really need it. the one for Tiger worked when i installed it! Now for My Desktop with specs: ECS 945P-A (Deluxe), DDR2 3GB, 1.2TB Storage, Realtek RTL8100, Broadcom WLan, Intel Dual Core @3.4GHz, Realtek ALC880(D)@ICH7, NVidia GeForce 7600-256MB VRam, Dell 20" LCD DVI/D-Sub/S-Video Monitor- i have these challenges still failed to resolve! The Sound can't be installed even though i use AppleAzaliaAudio used by notebook (Why when notebook has same sound but it worked?) Of all the provided NVidia drivers, they have all caused the mouse to move randomly like - Mouse acceleration or Mouse Lagging behind. I have tried some Kext they say you delete from Extensions folder but in vain, i don't know if it's with the NVidia Cards as i seem to realise. It doesen't appear to be in ATI or Intel cards. Some help me on these challenges. My Desktop is intended to do editing with FCP. --------- Crown
  2. OSX Tiger Boot Re-Boot Problems

    Whoa, i somehow got somewhere with this Tiger installation. But through alot of trial and error. First i discovered that if i had a USB mass storage connected i will startup 70% of the times up to the Desktop. But i have come to know how to startup everytime i power on. When i connect an external monitor or TV to my Notebook, at all times it startsup perfectly to even display the second monitor. So i realise i can well have a second monitor working and QE, CI and even 2D Extreme enabled. That makes me have a smile. BTW, being a notebook, i don't move with external monitor always so i can boot up at all times. So if someone can help me find a way maybe to keep the external monitor enabled (If possible, tho not sure if it can be), or another trick. Looks like this is about the the login window, and Display. Howeveri tried to install XxX 4.10, but wanted to have maybe older login window but Setup didn't give me option to use it! I need help on this,Somebody. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello any one please help me out of this! First of all i have Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M1450G notebook, with 1GB Ram, 80GB Hdd, DVD-RW optical drive, Intel GMA900 VGA, Realtek HDA ALC880D sound Card, Intel Pro Wireless Card, Realtek 8139 NIC, Intel Centrino-1.7GHz Mobile Processor supporting up to SSE2 Instruction Set. For atleast a week i have been installing trying to find the right combination till i got it, using three versions, Jas 10.4.8, Uphack 10.4.9, and XXX 10.4.10. Now i installed first OSX86 Tiger JAS 10.4.8, and works fine, but VGA is seen as having 64MB Video memory, but after installing GMA900 from Uphack v1.3 (OSX86 10.9), VGA remains at 64MB (instead of 192MB) but with Quartz Extreme and Core Image enabled. That goes fine. Because i want to install FCP and Office 2008, i need atleast OS10.4.9 as a minimum. When i update to 10.4.9, or 10.4.10, Problems start. Sometimes i boot fine up to desktop but at times it stays with blue screen, where it's supposed to bring login window while at other few times it starts and remains at grey screen. I realise using login window 10.4.4, works : It's fine in Jas 10.4.8, but in Uphack or XXX releases, i can never tell when it will open up and when it will not. Good thing i like with XXX(10.4.10), QE is enabled and CI and also Video Ram goes up to 256MB. This is ideal because the few times it has started, i've run FCP and other programs fine and my videos can playback. Also every time i boot, date goes to what ever time it wants backwards. Now I am running atm osx 10.4.10, but starting to the desktop comes at a trial and error methord. When at blue screen, notebook freezes and i have to reset power, Yet though i have dual boot with XP, i wanted to totally switch to my MHackintosh, but i'm not sure if it won't get me frustrated. So is there anything i need to install, or remove to be sure to open desktop when i power on? In Jas i can do it, even reboot which is impossible in uphack and xxx releases as i can never be sure! At least i know my Notebook can run OSX Tiger, but i don't know what's failing. Help. Ok, some more info i need to add. When OSX starts, even while using -v option, it runs no error displayed but opens up blue screen, but does not even get to "Starting OSX" logo. Why would then it boot normally and at times stay on that blue screen? I'm trying to figure it out but still not found a way. I'm still trying all available options to see success. Any Ideas to try out?
  4. well Look at my specs, first, MoBo-From ECS Intel 848P-A(Deluxe); Processor-P4 3GHz; Ram-DDR400 1GB; Hard Drives-Samsung 250GB Sata, WD 80GB Sata, Hitachi 80GB Sata, Maxtor 40GB IDE, WD 120GB IDE, WD 40GB IDE, Light-On DVD+/-RW, Light-On CD-Rom; VGA- ATI-All In Wonder9200 256MB DVI&AGP Now you see in all the items i included were installed (Drivers) when i installed OSX X86 10.4.9 on my PC. However, one word of Note. I installed using Tiger the Uphuck version 10.4.9 and it worked very fine. When i tried with Jas 10.4.8, it did what you described above- at times the blue screen would not come but could stop on the Black screen just after the grey screen with apple icon on booting. Reason, you have to know the VGA drivers of your card before you apply them during install and don't use multiple drivers. If you install NVidia drivers and Intel, and ATI all at one, conflict may cause you login screen to crash. Be sure if you don't know first google up the compartible drivers for your VGA. You can as well by pass this by de-selecting all VGA drivers and you could do install them later when setup is complete. Uphuck version gives you more drivers to install and more options to remove some drivers than Jas version. However Jas Works on other machines, according to hardware archtecture without a problem, even if you install multiple graphic drivers.