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  1. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    can someone post up what kexts' they're using on Lion to get htis to work? every time I try with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], or any of the other post installers, I cannot get it to boot properly... I'm actually running a different sata card that supports sata III, but doubt that's affecting it...
  2. Pretty slick to see some faces from the m1530 threads over in this one... looking forward to helping out now that I have one of these asus machines coming in this week. going to read through and see if I cannot catch up for a pain free install... my m1530 was such a great machine, that hopefully this one will be somewhat close, in terms of a hackintosh build.
  3. ok, so I grabbed the Generic and the smbios that you have posted in the original post... threw them on this 2.2ghz T7500. I edited the SMmaximalclock to 2200, I left the SMexternalclock to 200mhz (***is it supposed to be 800mhz?***) and swapped the SMSerial to a unique 12 digit item. So anyways, after rebooting I loaded up coolbook and it's showing 800, 1200, 1600, 2200, 2400.... um, it's a 2.2ghz... So, what am I missing? I haven't seen coolbook show it jump up to 2400mhz yet, so I'm guessing it's just not reading something right... Speedstep seems to be working as I see the speed going up and down from 800 - 2200mhz.
  4. ohh... ok, well I guess I'll try this again with the Generic then. I thought I had already setup the smbios.plist correctly, but perhaps now. I've got another 1530 sitting here that I can try this on. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Ok well after editing talisman's dsdt file with the _pss fields of this other person who had a T7500's data, it seems that my speedsteping is fully working. Verified via coolbook, shows the 5 frequencies and their voltages, as well as shows that right now i'm running at 800mhz with a .85v like I should. If it ends up that I needed to change something besides those _pss fields, please let me know. Thanks for this guide and thanks to everyone who's posted their files for me to dissect. I've attached the file if there is anyone looking for something similar. dsdt.aml._m1530_8600tg_T7500_.zip
  6. I'm guessing I'm just a little lost in this whole DSDT.aml thing... Here's what I've done... Currently I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on my XPS1530 that's described in my sig. (T7500 4gb ram, 8600gt). Anyways I've gone ahead and used the included generic 1530 DSDT.aml file from the first post and am very pleased with the overall fact that everything seems to work. However, battery life is a major thing... It seems with this being a CPU independent file, Pstates aren't working and my battery is saying it'll last 1:15minutes... So anyways, I am not sure if anyone will help on this or not... but I had found a partially working T7500 8600gt 1530 DSDT file inthis thread I have been using DSDTse to attempt to find whats different so I could perhaps add the CPU specific items but am at a total loss. Is there anyone here that can help out on this? I'm going to keep reading and reading, but have a feeling that there has to be a way to combine the generic with the T7500's that is already built so I can have working P-States... Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who helps out. EDIT: after reading around, it looks like what I need to change is the _PSS portions of the file... So I grabbed one that was compiled with everything working already (the one included in Tailsman's file) and swapped out the values of the _PSS area. Is this all that needs to be changed? I was looking at the CPU values and they seemed to be identical otherwise... Hopefully this will work.. going to install it now and cross my fingers!
  7. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    well {censored}, that sucks. maybe superhai is on the case... and will have a solution for us shortly...
  8. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    I haven't updated yet on any of my hacks, but perhaps someone who has will try using the sleep fix that superhai had for the older verisons... it's on his site... it has fixed similar issues in the past, so maybe that's all that's needed this time around as well. http://www.superhai.com/darwin.html VoodooUSBEHCI Just make sure and follow his directions on editing the info.plist: Readme for EHCISleepEnabler To enable it you have to edit the [i]Info.plist[/i] in [i]/System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBEHCI.kext/Contents/[/i] You need to add these lines <key>OSBundleCompatibleVersion</key> <string>1.0</string> under <key>CFBundleVersion</key> <string>3.1.5</string> most likely you won't see 3.1.5, it'll be different version, so just look for the CFBundleVerison line and go from there. anyways, if someone tries it and it fixes it, please let us know... personally I use sleep too much to attempt the upgrade without knowing for sure. if no one has tried by the weekend i'll give it a shot when I have time.
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thanks goes out to the guys that got this working. Very cool to have tapping working before / after sleep. And of course the 2 finger scrolling is slick stuff. so kudos to ab__73 and talisman and anyone else. one side note that I noticed... the 2 finger scrolling that I get on my Asus Z62F which has a synaptics <sp> trackpad seems to be a little less "touchy"... I'm guessin this is answered somewhere in the thread but is there a way to slow down the scrolling sensitivity? I changed the speed in the trackpad pref pane but it doesn't really seem to adjust it that much. It seems that on the Alps pad, I have to instead just rock my fingers up and down instead of actually pulling them down the pad for precision. No major complaints however... this is MUCH better than not having it at all, and really completes the installation. thanks again!
  10. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    The only thing I am aware of that it broke was the fact that tapping doesn't work until I have gone to sleep one time. Soon as I do that once (I don't ever shut down since sleep is fine for me), it'll work until I actually do a full shutdown (well force shutdown since it doesn't work on ours ). I wish I could figure out why it doesn't work before a sleep... but ohwell, no big deal on my setup. Link to edited file that has working "tap" after sleep. I'll have to see how I can go about installing voodoopower... Since I used an iatkos install, I'm not 100% sure what all it installed that enabled "speedstep a" in the first place. I'm assuming I'll need to get that removed before I can setup voodoopower... Off to an adventure on uninstalling speedstep and the little app that runs in the bar with it.
  11. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    So for tapping the trackpad, we're still where we were at back in January Well thankfully that one I edited a long time ago works well after sleep so I'll just keep using that. However, I'll have to check out the HDAEnabler part... I'm using the DSDT from this thread's first post. Works like a champ for everything else, so I'll have to see if I already have the latest there or not. However on the Voodoopower idea, I'm just using the Speedstep A option from iatkos's install... I think it was built off of superhai's older stuff... any ideas if the latest voodoopower work any better and are worth installing instead of this older speedstep? thanks,
  12. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Finally decided to redo my 1530 (been happy using it since january with 10.5.6) and figured i'd check in on how development has gone. The 10.5.7 update with Ethernet rocks... of course, I am running into the issue that some seem to be having: when I wake up, ethernet is a nogo... what's weird is it acts like data is moving, it just cannot get anywhere. So, I wonder, talisman since yours works after sleep, whats different... I'm using the DSDT this time around so I don't have the Clamshell or the nvinject. However in some of your posts from april in the thread about the ethernet, I see you mentioning clamshell as being used. Do you still use that kext? perhaps that's the difference and why yours works and mine doesnt... (just throwing out ideas for things I can test). Update: talisman, nevermind on the Ethernet issue. Seems that after downloading the ionetworking you linked above and editing the mac address into it, all is well. Sleep doesn't interrupt my ethernet anymore. if you have any other suggestions i'd love to hear them. here's what i've got installed: appleHDA.kext (yours) HDAEnabler.kext (one from your post) VoodooBattery.kext VoodooUSBEHCI.kext (with plist mods as outlined in the readme) as for ps2 i'm using an older self modded one that has the "taps" working after a sleep... it seems I cannot get those working on the voodoops2controller.kext file.... (does anyone have "taps" working after sleep with voodoops2controller? Update: Since I had good luck in looking back and Talisman's posts, I decided to try out the ps2 and appleacpips2nub.kext from this thread What is weird with these is that "tapping" the trackpad works perfectly before a sleep... after it wakes up from sleep it sorta works... not very reliably however. Is that how it works on yours too Talisman? I guess I'll keep looking for a full solution on the ps2 related parts of this build. Thanks guys for any input. Always fun to start fresh and see what has changed in 6 months. So far the system is running better than before already.
  13. Nicholaslee, what build are you running? what version, etc... what options have you got installed?
  14. Think i figured out why some people installing iatkos 5i have the grey power button screen after installation.... read on I had to rebuild out my iatkos 5i build this week... I found out that with the Guid partition map I had problems doing a full Vista update on the vista partition. Keep in mind I use Vista Ultimate, so that might be a part of it... I had tried using diskpart and setting the vista partition active, but it just wouldn't go. So I redid the box over to MBR with dual partitions... still have to set vista's partition as active to install SP1, but that's no big deal. Here's where it gets interesting... I think I figured out why some people installing iatkos 5i have an immediate error after installation... The error I'm talking about is where it says it crashed and to please reboot. (the one with the greyish screen and a big power button looking picture) For some reason on my 1530 (I tested this on 2 1530's), if I leave the DVD in the drive it errors out. I simply had to take out the DVD and it boots fine. So, be sure to REMOVE the dvd after you install... At first I thought I botched something and then realized I left the disc in the drive...
  15. sunlite, i'd just make sure and have that AHCI mode turned on in the bios... might actually want to do a "reset defaults" in the bios... I am pretty sure the 4 1530's we did at work all were pure default.