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  1. 270.00.00f01

    I can confirm that GTX 285 and GTX 295, both for PC, working in MacPro 3,1 Lion 10.7.3 without ATY_init. Simply with new drivers installed yesterday.
  2. Nvidia EVGA GTX 570HD SC

    Any one tried 570 on real MacPro machine?
  3. GTX 295 on MacOSX Lion 10.7.2

    Any one know how to set up GTX295 on MacPro Lion 10.7.2? I've been using it on 10.6.x easily but can't figure out how to start it in Lion. Many Thanks!
  4. GTX 460-480 on MacPro

    Hi people, Anyone tried some of the GTX 4xx PC cards in real MacPro?
  5. Finder stop responding

    The same thing happen with "original" kaly 10.5.2. Actualy, the only solution I've found is to stop loading icon previews and quick previews and everything working well, but... I've tried to install from original 10.5.0 disk, as i have it from my iMacs, but setup refuse to load because can't be installed on computer even after preparation which I've found here on forum
  6. Is there any chance to see hardware RAID set from Intel ICH9R/ICH10R?
  7. Hi people, I successfuly insalled Kaly 10.5.2 and update it to 10.5.4 with http://mysticus.titanous.com/update.html Everything is working fine, every software package is working great except finder which know to stop responding some time when I browsing the files. I think that it has a problem with Quickview because it's usualy happen when I click on some file which can be previewed with Quickvew. After that I must restart comp with restart button because Finder Relouch not working. Still I can run any other app, but no the Finder Anyone had a same problem? Tech. specs: Gigabyte X38-DQ6 Core2Quad 6600 4GB Gail RAM 6x500GB striped Western Digital (AHCI) 1x250GB for Leopard (AHCI) Ati HD2600 PRO 512MB Many thanks! Aleksandar
  8. Ok, Triakis working well now, but Final Cut instalation won't start because "card has 0mb RAM". Any patch for Triakis?
  9. I installed Kaly so easily, working properly but I don't know how to install driver for Radeon HD2600 PRO. I just tried to copy kext's in to system/.../extensions, and after reboot, OSX dropped, so I guess that I did not use a proper method. I have downloaded three different pack's with drivers from forum, and if someone want to write me which driver package to use and how to install it properly, please Thank you!