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  1. I don't want to sound to you disappointing, but googling for your PSU brand and model stumbled upon this forum thread. I'll give you for example my PSU — it's 700W Cooler Master, although the GTX 750 and i5 (my CPU) total max power isn't greater than 250-300W. Please note that a rock solid and powerful enough PSU is the foundation of a stable PC Why don't you try the PSU from your X79 hackintosh?
  2. What about your Power Supply Unit? I mean is it a quality brand properly rated as a power output.
  3. Hi Yes, Im referring to that menu. CPU speed is different and the I guess also the Latency parameter. Yep, I checked that Device0fc8 is GTX 740, so this is good, but it depends how did you matched your GTX 740 to the already defined nVidia cards in AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext (will post a screenshot with details later). NTFS-3G might a problem, see how to remove it completely and test
  4. Hi and thank you From what I see in the kernel panic screenshot I think there are two main reasons for the shutdown / reboot panics: 1. Wrong CPU settings in your Clover config.plist (your CPU is different from mine) 2. GTX 740 — I am not sure if you edited the AppleGraphicsPowermanagement kext with the most appropriate settings for your video card. 1. I'll strongly advise you to delete all the settings of the CPU section in you Clover config.plist (leave it blank), save the config.plist, reboot and go to Clover settings / options to see what Clover automatically detected specifically for you CPU (i5-4670), write them down on a sheet of paper, then boot the OS and change the config.plist with you settings. 2. Check again the procedure described earlier in this thread how to get AGPM properly running. Hope these steps would be of a help
  5. rednous

    Yosemite GTX 9xx/750/750 ti Compatibility Report

    nVidia GTX 750 with 343.02.02f04 on 10.10.2 (14C1514) is OK
  6. Sorry to hear that Honestly I have no good advice for this situation, since I still haven't installed this security update. This morning I saw a newer nVidia web dirver (v343.02.02f03). I guess It might solve the issue.
  7. This is a simple solution that has been reported as a workaround for this nasty issue.
  8. Great news You can safely unmount the EFI partition via Disk Utility and mount it again whenever you need it. Note that when installing a new Clover revision it automatically mounts the EFI at the end of a successful installation, but then you can unmount it with Disk Utility. I mount the EFI partition only if I need to change something in the Clover config.plist, and at the rest of the time my EFI partition is unmounted (thus not visible on the Desktop and in the Finder's sidebar).
  9. Hi According to what robin051 reported earlier in the thread the answer is yes:
  10. Hi and thank you Hmm this is nasty and strange problem with the audio and video. Guess it's related to the wrong CPU (inherited from mine config.plist). The easier way is to remove the CPU section from your current config.plist (make a backup for future CPU section syntax reference) and reboot the system. Then at the Clover boot GUI use the keyboard arrows to go to the grey icon with the gears and hit Enter. You'll get to the Clover options, scroll down to the CPU section and hit Enter. Clover will automatically detect and fill in your CPU details. You can write them down on a sheet of paper and then fill them in the config.plist CPU section. Great. You EFI partition looks OK. Yes, you can delete "Mac OS X" and get rid of it (I also had it and deleted it). I'll advise you to switch off (remove the SATA Power cable) all other disks and the USB thumb, leave just the SSD . Then from the BIOS enter into the UEFI shell and see / adjust/ remove and reset the SSD. Booting the system with the USB thumb attached only means that somehow due to some reason the installed Clover on your SSD isn't added as a boot option into the BIOS boot menu.
  11. I strongly would advise you to not use CloverConfigurator for mounting EFI partitions — it seems buggy to me. Use Disk Utility for this task — it's fast, easy and flawlessly. I explained earlier in this thread how to mount EFI partitions with Disk Utility. Now your boot problem seems more clear — Clover isn't installed as a boot item option in the BIOS boot menu. You have to further investigate the structure of your SSD EFI folder and to start over the 4. Post Installation steps and to delete all currently set items in the EFI Shell.
  12. Hmm... looks like somehow the Clover isn't correctly installed as a boot option item in the BIOS.
  13. Please read 4. Post Installation of my guide and thoroughly follow the described steps. It's all there how to get rid off booting the Clover USB thumb
  14. This is quite strange... What Clover build (pkg file) you're installing? I'm hearing for the first time for such a Clover installation behaviour. The Clover GUI appears after you boot from your USB thumb (or SSD / HDD). You have to use your MacBook only to create the Yosemite Installation USB thumb. Then use this Clover USB thumb on your new hackintosh PC to install Yosemite. Just follow the guide, read it and act carefully