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  1. Thanks Cyberdevs, did everything you suggested and got a fresh install of HS up and running with Nvidia drivers on my GTX 970.
  2. Black screen after installing new High Sierra NVIDIA driver and applying AGDP fix on new install of High Sierra. I have also installed LILU and NvidiaGraphicsFixup. My card is GTX 970. iMac 17.1. The system seems to hand over to the Nvidia card, and monitor shows a signal is being received, but screen is black. With the black screen problem in Sierra, the monitor screen was black but this was because no signal was being received. This is a different problem. Any suggestions will be welcome.
  3. Wanderer3

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    @DSM2 Try removing EmuVariableuefi driver from Drivers64UEFI folder and reboot. After High Sierra public Beta 4 install i got the same message on reboot, and this seemed to fix it.
  4. Sorry I bothered anyone with this trivia, the simple solution was just to edit the clover config.plist and add nvda_drv=1 in boot arguments. Everything working fine now. Please consider this closed.
  5. I've done a search on this, but can't find the info I need. Currently I have a stable installation dual booting Linux mint and Sierra, both on separate drives with clover installed on the Sierra drive partition. As I still need El Capitan for some programs I use every day, I have installed it on a third drive, all the drive icons show up at boot in clover. I successfully booted into El Capitan with default OS X graphics, installed Nvidia driver for the GTX 970 card, but after selecting the Nvidia driver and rebooting, on repeated attempts, the system always reverts to the default OS X driver. I suspect this is due to the different methods Sierra and El capitan require to ensure the nvidia drivers are loaded at boot, but knowing this does not help. Can I configure the info.plist in clover to load the drivers for both installations, Sierra and El Capitan? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I can post any other necessary info.
  6. Wanderer3

    [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    @Darkvoid, pure genius, my wifi on BCM94352HMB, which was disabled after 10.12 Sierra update is now working with no problems after applying your fix in clover, many thanks.
  7. Maybe my experience is just entirely unrelated, when I trialled the first beta version of Sierra I did it in a new partition created on my existing El Capitan install SSD, booted the system from clover installed in el capitan EFI. All my relevant kexts have always been in the clover extra folder, so no need to create a folder for 10.12. I have a skylake processor so I am using iMac 17.1 system def. After reaching desktop on first beta install I changed the appropriate board ID status to none, installed the Nvidia web driver for my GTX970 and rebooted with NVDA_drv=1 boot flag still set, this was always set, and never changed this at any time. On subsequent Sierra beta updates, I found it was first necessary to uninstall the Nvidia web drivers before rebooting and installing new beta version or I got a black screen on second stage boot, even with NV_disable flag set. I am currently running Sierra GM using same procedure for install with full GPU acceleration (or what passes for full acceleration on my hack, lol). Hope this helps
  8. Allan, the good news is, I have successfully installed El Capitan, i did try to follow the methods you linked to on Olarila, but the bios layouts were too dissimilar, so I tried again with a fresh installation of Clover, removed everything except my target drive, used minimal kexts, i.e. FakeSMC, NullpowerManagement, and three kext patches, set bootlegs -v Nvda_drv=0 and booted into ElCapitan install, where for the first time ever, the target drive was visible, installed El Capitan, and reached the desktop. I copied over my EFI from boot drive to main drive and successfully rebooted. I had a problem with installation of Nvidia drivers using nvda_drv=1, but this was fixed by changing profile in SMBIOS to Mac pro 3.1. Mizen's brilliant work on IntelMausiEthernet.kext fixed my network problems, I've never had a better connection, ever, and although I still have a few things to fix, sound etc, I am well pleased with the result. Maybe it's a little early, but I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get this far, if it wasn't for the brilliant work you all do, and the unselfish way you all share, I would still be floundering. My best regards to you all.
  9. Thanks again Allan, I will do as you suggest and report back ASAP. Regards
  10. Thanks for the reply Allan, I tried earlier versions of El capitan, but still no joy. I am beginning to think this may be a bios related problem, as the install usb sometimes normally shows up with two listings in the boot priority list, then at random times it only has one, and uefi option has disappeared. I tried clearing the bios, but no joy. I also noticed that cyberdevs has the same MB with an i7 6700k chip and has managed to install El capitan, so I tried substituting his EFI folder for mine without his DSDT and CPU SSDT, but got kernel panics and could not get to the install screen. I am new to all this and am on a really steep learning curve. Now, if only Beatles4 would pop up with his planned idiots guide, as he is building a nearly identical system, ga z170x gaming 5, i5 6600K, and Nvidia GTX 970 GPU. Lol. That would be great. Seriously, I will get it eventually, I just need to go back a few steps and take it a little more slowly. Now if I could only solve the problem of the missing drives at os x install menu,
  11. I need assistance, I have created a bootable usb with El Capitan 10.11.5 and Clover for UEFI boot only, installing the recommended defaults, i.e Install for uefi booting, Install Clover in the ESP, and Following another tutorial I also installed several kexts (FakeSMC, ApplePS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, NullCPUPowerManagement ) in EFI/Clover/kexts/10.1. directory. I have two SSD's installed, 1 has a windows 7 installation, and the other, the target drive for os x install. The os x install drive is pre formatted os x extended, journaled, GUID. The USB boots into the clover menu, and the target SSD is not visible, although the SSD with win 7 is. Booting from usb goes through all the way to the install El Capitan menu, but when I open disk utility to format the target drive, the drive is still not visible, only the boot USB shows and it is listed as an internal drive. There are two other entries listed on the disk utility screen, I have included pictures to illustrate. The bios version is f5. I have tried various settings in the bios and even tried reflashing it, but still no progress. My previous build was a core i7 sandy bridge on ga Z79x ud3P legacy f7 bios, running Mavericks, and it was rock solid, until it's sad demise, which drove me to try a newer build. Any advice on where I may have gone wrong would be very welcome.
  12. Wanderer3

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi everyone, I'm extremely new to all of this, but now I've been bitten there's no way back to Windoze. I'm keen to learn and also hope to eventually contribute something worthwhile.