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  1. Recently I found a driver for Yukon 88e8040 Ethernet on FreeBSD. Since BSD and Mac have a lot in common. I am wondering if there is any chance you can add support for the Ethernet. Thanks a lot! The driver can be downloaded free on www.marvell.com Thanks again!
  2. New problems...Please Help... XPS M1530 I used to use the oldest method to get my sound card working which only gives me sound form the speaker or the first head jack. However after replacing those two kexts with the one posted on the first thread I lost my sound while everything in the system preferences seems to be fine. What shall I do now? I cannot find AppleAzalia.kext anywhere... BTW:After installing Kalyway 10.5.2 Bluetooth often fails to start but there are a few chances that it will work... Anyone knows what is the solution? Thanks in tons!!
  3. Is there any possibility that you can develop a driver for Yukon Ethernet? Connection rate by Airport is really slow.... Thanks in tons!
  4. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    I modified the IO80211 kext and add 4315 in the kext however nothing happens. And there are even no en0 or en1 choices for me to modify in NetworkInterfences...
  5. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone knows why my wireless is not detected in my Leopard 10.5.1 which is a Dell Turemobile 1390 Card and I can read its pci id 4315 in WinXP. I have a XPS m1530 Laptop. I need your help now. Thanks so much! And there is even no en0 or en1 in my NetworkInterfaces.plist since I cannot drive my Ethernet card. Thanks in tons !!!
  6. Please help me! I've met an urgent problem! Today I get a wireless card which is BCM4311 based for my XPS M1530. Everything works fine in Windows XP, but nothing happens in Leopard. The card is from a Dell Latitude D630 which is believed to be natived supported in Leopard. Mine is Kalyway 10.5.1...Please help me !! THANKS IN TONS!!
  7. I am one of the M1530 owners and AFAIK I just found a possible solution for the shutdown/restart problem. You may check netkas for a ToH edited kernel. I have got it but I haven't tried it. Not sure whether it works on XPS machines... As for the ethernet, I have the same problem. After editing device ID and vender ID, Leopard recognized my card with a correct MAC address. However, it keeps saying that my cable is disconnected. And it seems that Yukon 88e8040 is seldomly discussed in the thread or in the whole forum. Looking forward to seeing someone posting a solution or something.... Thanks in advance...I am always in plugged mode when using my computer so I never care about batteries. For the wireless, I think replacing Intel 3945abg with a dell 1390 card is our best choice currently, with no information when the driver will be developed...This is all I know about XPS M1530. Hoping to hear some other M1530 users' reply!! I am using Kalyway 10.5.1 with vanilla kernel~ Sorry for my English~
  8. I have the same lappy, XPS M1530 and I've searched a lot, only to find that 88E8040 is not supported on FREEBSD.... Hope to see the breakthrough, I cannot get online with my Hackintosh. BTW: How do you manage your graphics driver conflict and your shutdown? Do you perform a hard shutdown everytime?
  9. Hi, jake123, I have a XPS M1530 and I wonder how you manage to get your XPS fully shutdown. Would you please give me a tutorial or link or something to help me? Thanks a lot!
  10. I don't know how to obtain a download link to the new kernel. Would someone please help me. Email me at gdydhhd@gmail.com. Thanks in tons!
  11. I'm new to Hackintosh with my XPS M1530. I have a question about shutdown failure. I have tried ToH and Kalyway (with vanilla) install and everytime I installed driver for 8600M GT, shutdown would end up black screen with Bluetooth and Power LED on. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Thanks so much! BTW: Is there anyone who successfully get Yukon 88e8040 work? Thanks again!
  12. I have the same problem with my XPS M1530, waiting urgently for a possible solution....
  13. Intel 3945abg....looking forward....
  14. Hey Dave, would you please let me know the chipset of your USB ethernet... I am thinking of buying an USB ethernet... Thanks in tons!
  15. I'm on Kalyway now, using XPS M1530. There are several problems. I have never connected to Internet since my XPS is using Marvell Yukon 88E8040 Ethernet and Intel Wireless 3945abg...And sleeping,restarting and shutting down would end up in black screen with Bluetooth and power LED on...Have to perform a hard shut down... However I am not sure if XPSes in all regions use same ethernet card BTW, I am from China