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  1. We will be working on fixing the themes in the following days and reset everyone once the work is complete =) I will post an update on the site at that time to say where we are going with everything Poco
  2. We'll have to see what happens, right now I want to focus on the fixing the forum. Are you suggesting using an existing server or creating our own?
  3. Hopefully will be fixed soon, I need some spare time to take a took. I'm the meantime, refresh the page when you get the loading symbol and it should work No need to be rude
  4. I was getting those, but the file was actually successfully attaching. I pinged the server guys, but there might be a delay Poco
  5. @Allan Updated the theme to 4.2 this evening, it just needs minor fixes now I just reset the theme for everyone now onto our testing one, it should be much more beautiful Please reply here with any suggestions or problems you're having . I'm fair exhausted, so it's likely I broke something
  6. It was designed for a much older version and needs updating Regular users can't see it yet
  7. For the missing posts, can someone directly link me to an example of something that is missing and I can follow up. Right now the owners won't give me access, so I have limited ability to work on server side changes In good news, I've picked up work on an old skin, and will work on publishing it soon! Poco
  8. I'm sorry guys, this took me by surprise too I'll try fix the configuration today, but I can't get to the theme until some server changes are made
  9. Poco

    New InsanelyMac Website

    Once I have access again to the servers I'll be able to make more substantial changes
  10. Hi all, Our forum software was getting quite old, and desperately needed an update to keep functioning. I am very aware that the current design and setup needs serious improvement, but it was performed without notice by the site owners so we didn't have time to prepare like usual. I hope over the next week we will be able to make some large improvements, so please bear with us while we fix everything up Poco
  11. Poco

    VMware Tools for OS X (darwin.iso)