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  1. Hey guys great work! How do i find out what device id my ethernet is?
  2. Hey so i have osx 10.5.4 installed on my dell 1525. It is running perfectly but i want to get xp on there so i could play some pc games. How do i go about getting another partition and then installing xp on the same hard drive? Which boot loader should i use? Any other steps that need to be taken?
  3. Installing Leopard on Inspiron 1525

    Hey guys thanks for all the help and have an amazing setup with my 1525. Its soooo close to a perfect macbook pro. No card reader or lan but both of those are outdated. One problem i have is that of the two audio codecs floating around one of them will not output through the headphone jack but has mute working. The other has can output through the headphone jack but no mute. Any advice? EDIT: Sweet things that i find amazing that work; Sound(headphones & speakers) Media keys (to change songs & volume) Graphics are awesome. Battery Meter.
  4. Any luck for anyone? I have this same laptop and would love to get leo.
  5. I am just wondering what the most usable laptop is that will run 10.5.2 (dont say Mac Book). I am currently running leopard on my dell inspiron 1501 and it runs great except the graphics are below par when dragging or watching videos. I would really like to know your stories. Thanks!
  6. Hard drive not recognised.

    Quick question. Is tiger or panther have better compatibilty that would work with my setup?
  7. Hard drive not recognised.

    ugh well this is disappointing. I guess i will just wait for a desktop to get this to work with. And yes i got the amd version.
  8. How to install Leopard on USB external drive

    So did you just switch usb ports?
  9. Hard drive not recognised.

    Dell Inspiron 1501 Motherboard Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, AMD Hammer Video Adapter ATI Radeon Xpress Series Audio Adapter SigmaTel Audio SCSI/RAID Controller SCSI/RAID Host Controller Network Adapter Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card ( Disk Drive SAMSUNG HM060HI (55 GB, IDE)
  10. I was installing leopard and then it could not find my hard drive and i had my working windows on the same hard drive. When i rebooting it said that it could not find operating system. Here is the solution. Boot your windows xp or vista cd get to a command prompt type diskpart list disk select disk [#] list partition select partition [#] active Now your windows partition should be active and ready to go.
  11. Hard drive not recognised.

    ya i am booting of the dvd. I have sse3 amd x2 64 processor. sata hard drive. integrated radeon xpress graphics.
  12. Hey guys i am so excited to install mac on my laptop. I have a dell 1501. I did everything in the guide with setting the partitions to active and stuff but when i start up the leopard dvd the only thing there is my cd drive. I have a external hard drive that was recognized but that has a lot of files would sort of be a hassle to get back. I read some threads and they said that most sata drives cannot be recognized. So does anyone have any advice? Should i do the same thing i did to my external and load mac from that or would that mess up my booting with windows? Thanks all!