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  1. GeForce 9600GT 512MB 0x0622

    It's been quite a long time that you have made this post but I am facing a similar problem with 10.8.0 official installation. I have installed perfectly 10.8.0 on my Asus P5K-E / Wifi, but at the beginning I had a black screen during the start up process with my 9600 Gt 512Mb. After many changes I injected the Dev ID to NVDAHa50.kext and had access to the desktop, but only with 1028 x 768 and 5Mb ram. Then yesterday I updated chameleon and have full resolution, but very flicky graphics. Do you have any result with your installation?
  2. nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb

    Well I made a progress. I installed the lastest chameleon svn and I have full graphics and the GPU is correctly recognized, but it's very buggy. If I open quicklaunch then the graphics are flickering, the same for reminder side bar. So what's next?
  3. nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb

    Ok I had geforce.kext, which I removed but still nothing...
  4. nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb

    I don't think that there is a Geforce kext on the S/L/E folder but I will double check when I will return home.
  5. nVidia 9600 GT 512Mb

    I have tried that many time and it doesn't. I have installed ML and I am having a black screen. From the log I can see that the system is running correctly, but nothing is visible on the screen. Maybe it was for the 10.8 seeds and not for the production release. Because I have seen on the forums that ML DP had OOB support for 9600GT. While on Lion I have full graphics and no problem with my vga.
  6. How you have managed to enable your 9600GT with mountain Lion? I have the same card and I can't make it work. Your help will be highly appreciated. I have created a topic about this. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283077-nvidia-9600-gt-512mb/
  7. Hello Everybody, I have successfuly installed Mountain Lion on my Asus P5K-E / Wifi and all the components work perfectly. But I have a major issue with my GPU. It's a Sparkle nVidia 9600GT with 512Mb. When I use the stock nvidia kexts of mountain lion I have a black screen when loading. Even if I have the graphic enabler set to yes. I have tried to inject my device-properties to chameleon with no luck. I can only reach the Mountain Lion desktop if I inject my device id to the nvidia kext, but my VGA it's not recognized. it is recognized as 5Mb nvidia and off course no accellaration. I have even tried to put the VGA in my dsdt, but again no luck. Is there any one that can help me with this?
  8. Leopard on HP Compaq nc6120

    How much time does it takes for the system to boot. Because for me it takes about 5 minutes to boot. Also where can I find the 686DTD F.15 bios?
  9. 2009 Live DVD

    I am interested in this live DVD since my system is AMD and I want to test another system that it is Intel based and I don't have the external HD in order to install there and then make a Live DVD. Is there a working image of the Live DVD?
  10. Toast latest version not responding

    ok I downloaded after 3 hours Toast 7 and updated to 7.1.2 and it works after all .Now I'll update it to 7.1.3 to have it fully working and up to date. I will try also Liquid CD since Toast is so buggy as you describe.
  11. Toast latest version not responding

    @ vaporATX: If I had just to search on google I wouldn't ask for it. Maybe you have found those sites, as I have found them before, but the think is that the most posts are 2 years old and there no available seeders to download the file.
  12. Toast latest version not responding

    I can't find 7, I have searched in all known sites but nothing. All I can find is the update to 7.1.2. If someone find it please send me with pm the link. Thanx
  13. Toast latest version not responding

    I will try the 7.1.3 to see if this works. But first I have to install from the beginning Leopard since from an unexpected crush last night I can't login.... I think that at the end I will go and buy a new mac to finish with all the compatibility issues.
  14. Toast latest version not responding

    Yes I have both enabled and I use my correct kexts for my card (Saphirre x1650pro 256Mb AGP). Also I have tried to burn a cd from Leopard and it perfect wihtout any error and the cd works. But still I can't use Toast, I have even downloaded the latest 9.0.2 version and still nothing. Should I try an older one as version 7?
  15. Γενική Συζήτηση

    Λοιπόν εγώ εχθές νομίζω ότι κατέστρεψα το installation του Leopard για ακόμα μια φορά. Έκανα update στον kernel από τον 9.2.0 στο 9.2.2 και στο restart είχα kernel panics. Τώρα θα πρέπει να κάνω downgrade στον 9.2.0, αν και σκέφτομαι να δοκιμάσω το leo4allv3 να δώ αν κάθεται καλά μιας και τα προηγούμενα 2 δεν μπορούσαν να μπούν κάν στον installer. Έσεις έχετε κάνει update στον kernel? Πώς κάθεται?