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    Any way to fix a failed update?

    I tried installing over the existing OS X install but didn't get anywhere. It kept dying with some message about journal start/end pointers reset. So I formatted and reinstalled (it worked before so it should work again). Using -v -x -f boot option, I'm seeing that it's having issues with the other drives in there...saying it's getting "new UUID" for those drives. Says something about "journal replay". Hangs trying to get a new UUID for another drive. Ideas? Should I go to Disk Utility and try to repair those disks or unmount them? They don't have OS X on them. They're just file storage.
  2. Hoping someone can help me out here. I had everything running great for a while with 10.5.2. My wife mistakenly clicked 'ok' to install updates. Now OSX says to reboot with the grayed out screen when it boots up. I imagine it tried to install the latest 10.5.x update, would've been 10.5.3 or 10.5.4 at the time. I've been to busy to mess with it for a while. Any ideas? Maybe boot with the leopard disc and modify or replace some files? My setup is in my signature. I really don't want to reinstall the OS all over again. Thanks!
  3. Hoping someone can help me out here. I had everything running for a while now just fine with 10.5.2. My wife mistakenly clicked 'ok' to install updates. Now OSX says to reboot with the grayed out screen when it boots up. I imagine it tried to install the latest 10.5.x update. Any ideas? Maybe boot with the leopard disc so I can copy the kexts over? Thanks!
  4. Gatorfreak

    [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Could someone explain how to boot in the manner described above? I tried hitting buttons as OS X boots but nothing different happens. I have the spinning wheel issue too. ** Update ** I read beyond the first page and found that I needed to hold down F8. After booting with install disk and doing chown and chmod and repair permissions, the F8 & -v -x -f boot worked. Then rebooted and all is well with 10.5.2.
  5. An update on my wireless slowness issues... I've installed Windows XP (dual boot) and it's doing the exact same thing under Windows (recognizes available networks but can barely connect with speed <1KBps). So it worked fine for one day and died? Is it possible that OSX actually damaged it? Oh well, I'll try to get it replaced by Asus under warranty.
  6. I tried the above suggestion but the wireless card wouldn't respond at all with that. I changed back to the IONetworkingFamily.kext that is included in this guide. The wired ethernet works so that's good enough for now. Also, sound and everything else works. Dual monitors work perfectly on my 8600GT (with 10.5.2 nvidia kexts). I updated to 10.5.1 with no issues. Overall, I'm really happy with the results. This guide made it all relatively easy. For the wireless, I guess I just need to try different IO8011 kexts. I have an Asus WL-138Gv2 wireless PCI card. I saw that other model Asus cards actually have OSX drivers. So I may give one of those a try (even though it's for a different model). When I tried doing the netkas 10.5.2 update method before, I hadn't yet updated to 10.5.1. I was going straight from 10.5.0. Perhaps that's why I had problems while others did not. I'll give it another shot in the next few days now that I'm at 10.5.1. [edit] Silly me, I didn't backup my IO8011 kext (if I even had one) before trying the 10.4.8 version. Could someone point me where to get a 10.5.* version? [/edit]
  7. Thanks for the reply. I may have been confusing. I did a completely fresh install using this guide (plus 10.5.2 nvidia kexts) just as I did yesterday (which resulted in perfectly fine wireless speeds). I redid it all the same as I did yesterday but this time the wireless is barely functional. I guess I can try throwing different wireless kexts at it, as you suggested.
  8. Reinstalled after 10.5.2 update hosed my system. Now my wireless connection is pathetically slow (<1Kbps) and frequently dropping connection. It was plenty fast last night. Other computers are having no wireless speed issues. Any ideas? Haven't yet done any updates beyond 10.5.0 because the wireless speed is too slow.
  9. Maybe you should be. I tried the netkas instructions and during the 10.5.2 upgrade, the computer froze up and screen was shadowed (grayed out). Then a message popped up that said I needed to hit the reset button (which it repeated in several other languages). Now when I try to boot up, it just brings up that message about hitting the reset button. I don't know how I could've done anything wrong. Oh well, I was going to change how I setup the partitioning anyway.
  10. Wooohoo! I finally got my hackintosh running! Wireless PCI card worked right out of the box. I started all over from the beginning and added the steps here to the part where you install the kexts from the USB stick. That got everything working with my 8600GT card. The Apple update doesn't offer 10.5.1, only "10.5.2 combined". I think I'll wait to hear more of you having success before I dive into that. Hoping to give FCS a try tomorrow. Thank you, Weaksauce for taking the time to write such a detailed guide. No way I would've ever got this working otherwise.
  11. First of all, let me say this is by far the most helpful thing I've found for building a hackintosh. Now, enough sucking up.... I tried following the guide and it locked up when I tried booting off the hard drive. I tried removing NVinject.kext and it would show the gray screen with apple logo for a moment and then it reboot. I tried using NVinject.kext version 0.2.1 (since I have a 8600GT video card) and again I got the gray screen with apple logo for a moment and then it reboot. Maybe I've gunked it all up and need to start all over with NVinject 0.2.1? When trying different kexts, do I need to redo the "unmount, ./startupfiletool, mount" routine after each time I change a kext? Or just change a kext and redo the permissions? Am I correct to think that I need NVinject 0.2.1 to get a 8600GT card working?
  12. So close! I got to the end of the guide and upon booting up from the harddrive, I get the gray screen with the apple logo and the rotating wait icon. After 5 seconds or so the rotating icon stops changing and nothing changes after that. Is there a way to get details about what exactly it dies on? Other than starting the whole guide over again, I don't know what to try or how to diagnose anything (Mac n00b). Hardware: see signature Thanks for the help. *** Update *** I read the posts about formating the USB stick with a Mac and using MacDrive to copy the files to the USB stick. I tried that and redid Part 3 (Install files from USB stick). Same result of freezing during bootup. Would it make a difference to start the whole process over (rather than just having redone part 3)?
  13. [edit] Sorry, this was already brought up on page 2 of this thread (post #35 for those looking for it). [/edit] BIOS update clarification? My board is D975XBX2 and it has a bios version that begins with "BX97520J.86A". The version that the guide says to install is for the D975XBX board and bios version that begins with "BX97510J.86A". Should I still install the 10J version or should I install the latest 20J version?
  14. Gatorfreak

    Ways to import video into FCS 2

    Most consumer grade camcorders don't have firewire import (for HDV capture that I've done before) unless I get a more expensive one. Are there other easy means to import video? This will determine what camcorder options I have. Looking to get a small one for personal use.
  15. Gatorfreak

    FCS 2 success stories?

    Does anyone actually have a hackintosh fully functional with FCS 2? Dual monitors? Wifi working? Firewire working? I see a lot of posts saying "I have it working except ____." Maybe that's why they're posting. I'd like to get 10.5.x working with FCS 2 on a Core 2 Quad system. I'd like to know if it's actually possible to get everything working. My wife actually does the video stuff (I'm the computer guy). If it doesn't work well she won't be too happy with me. If you have a good system running, perhaps you could mention the hardware and OS version you're using. I've read the wiki on hardware compatibility but that's just for running OSX, not FCS 2. Thanks!