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  1. idris iqbal

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Hi @headkaze Thank you for yor work, Im very helpfull and I appreciate for that. But I have question, my device is core i3 5005U and Im using smbios macbookpro 12,1 but in fb patcher intel generation show as kaby lake. Can you help me for that?? Thank you before
  2. maybe Im wrong, but thank @Allan I'll check again I didn't try yet, as I know HWP only for skylake + and my device is broadwell. it's work for broadwell???
  3. thank you @Allan I have follow guide from link, use plug in type for 4 generation + and it's work. but my problem is in low frequency, I just get 1.3 ghz and I think my default is 800 mhz
  4. Helo everyone There is way to fix power managemen for broadwell platform?? Thank you before
  5. hi @MaLd0n I have read all comment in link, maybe I miss something or I dont understand can you help me for to fix??
  6. ok thank maldon, I will try step in link but, that it work for broadwell?? my own is broadwell
  7. Hi @MaLd0n, how are you? can you help me to check my patch, please. Im not sure it all work fine this is patch I apply : - Fix some error- Rename EHCx to EH0x, HECI to IMEI- Fix HPET, ALS0, USBx, power management, darwin, SBUS, fix mutex, PWR 0x6D- IRQs (TIMR, IPIC, HPET and RTC) - Audio layout id 3- In SSDT => Device UIAC, PNLF, add code abm_firstpolldelay, Device HDAU layout id 3, cosmetic for wifi card and ethernet this is work after patch : - QE/CI and inject EDID in DSDT- Shutdown, restart and sleep (close and open lid)- Audio, HDMI audio, internal mic- Fn Brightbess up/down and Fn volume up/down- USB 2 and USB 3 fan always running even normal usage this is system dump https://www47.zippyshare.com/v/sUVW8WSd/file.html sorry I upload in zippyshare, upload file in insanelymac always error thank so much maldon for your help
  8. Hello maldon sorry to late replay you again HDMI audio still not work this is I'm doing : - copy two kext in Library/Extension and run KextUtility (with UseIntelHDMI and without UseIntelHDMI in config.plist/Device), still not work - try add patch HDAU in SSDT, make same value layout id with HDEF and use KextToPatch HDMI audio to broadwell by rehabman (I has use this way before and work, but in this case I'm not rename B0D3 to HDAU and not rename GFX0 to IGPU. it's not work now}
  9. Ok maldon, thank you I'll try I copy two kext in clover folder kext/10.13 but still not work for HDMI audio I'll try this one Thank you so much maldon