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  1. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    I got my Toshiba P205 series laptop running on 1440x900. I used all of the files from errandwolfe and the com.apple.boot.plist from cloudrainstar and using the kalyway image. Before changing the .kext and .plist files, I was able to use the laptop only from the external monitor after the initial install. I mostly used the instructions from post 65. I also found instructions on how to use kextload from terminal and chown root:wheel on the "/system/library/extensions" directory. I rebooted the system and got the infamous sky blue blank screen on the laptop. No image on the external monitor. i had no keyboard inputs since I knew that would happen when I tried puttin the laptop to sleep on dry runs. I then just shut it down by holding down the power button. on power up, I got the blue screen again, but the pointer came up. A few seconds later, the desktop came up. I set up the display for 1440x900 and all looks good. The external monitor was an extension to the desktop and supported 1600x1200. Here are my limitations. I have to boot the laptop without an external monitor connected until I get a desktop. Also, shutting down requires holding down the power button. If I shut it down via software only, the power stays on. The sound, wireless network, sd card reader and modem does not work. The network port, firewire and laptops keys all work from the install. I think I can fix the power issue by making my own plist specific to my pc using the edid method errandwolfe describes. After that I would want to get the sound working. I am just happy to be able to use my internal screen right now and can use it away from a monitor. Also, the method of install I used was always to use gpt partitions and always leave 1st installed partition untouched. Modifying only the installation on 2nd, 3rd, etc., I was able to just mess with the files without having boot problems like having to use the DVD to boot. I also had an external HD with the DVD image on it. This helped me figure out that modifying the disk0s2(1st installed partition) would just make my disk boot loader not work and I would then have to repartition the whole disk. This method help prevent me from having to use bless.