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  1. tap to click 10.5.7 iatkos help

    Or i Found this works install this http://chameleon.osx86.hu/articles/voodoo-team-proudly-presents-voodoops2controller
  2. Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 Iatkos Distro On A Acer Aspire 5100 1st I had to change the wireless adapter. I bought 1 on Ebay 3.99 Broadcom 4311 The original Atheros was not supported (or at least Ive found none) To start I plugged in a USB mouse. Seems to load faster with it during install and boot sometimes (Dont Know Why) 1. Boot your 5100 Select F12 during BIOS screen and select your Iatkos Disk 2. When the 1st screen comes up Click the button to continue 2. At the 2nd screen Welcome, Click on Continue then Agree 4. Select your destination Drive (A green arrow appears on your selection) 5. Do not hit continue, Select Utilities from top menu... Then Disk Utility 6. Click on the drive name you previously selected on Left... then click on erase tab 7. Make sure mac OS Extended (Journaled) is selected and give your drive a name 8. Select Erase... when that's done, Click on the red dot to close the DIsk Utility 9. Again select your destination Drive (A green arrow appears on your selection) 10. Then Hit Continue... Don't Hit Install Yet! 11. Click On Customize You'll see some Packages are already selected Leave them selected Click on: 1. Arrow next to X86 Patches 2. Arrow next to Kernel 3. Select 9.7.0 Kernel Voodoo 4. Select OHR 5. Arrow next to Drivers 6. Arrow next to VGA 7. Select ati 8. Arrow next to System 9. Arrow next to SATA/IDE 10. Select ATI Sata/IDE 11. Select CardBus driver 12. Arrow next to Sound 13. UN Select Voodoo HDA Driver 14. Select Azalia Audio Driver 15. Arrow next to PS/2 mouse/keyboard 16. Select VooDoo PS/2 driver with trackpad plugin 17. Select Laptop Battery Then Select Done and Install Wait About 20 Minutes When its done hit Restart Had a problem with touchpad locking up so i loaded VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer from here http://chameleon.osx86.hu/articles/voodoo-team-proudly-presents-voodoops2controller Didnt delete ACPIPS2Nub like suggested Then trackpad worked flawlessly So far this is all i've done to leopard (Sleep doesnt work) Anyone else have any sugestions feel free to post
  3. Followed guide during reboot i get something about checksleepcapability - controller will be unloaded across sleep RTL8139 :: registerEEPROM - flow control is disabled Still waiting for root device (many times) Tried rd=disk0s1 up to 3 no help I have leopard on 1st partition snow on 2nd Installing on a aspire 5100 any help?
  4. Anyone know how to get tap to click to work on 10.5.7 on acer aoa 150? I used a guide and it says to Trackpad – copy keyboard.Prefpane to /System/Library/PreferencePanes to enable double tapping on the trackpad. Set it up in System Preferences and Keyboard/Mouse but i cant find the file (keyboard.Prefpane( to use used guide from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/176041-guide-acer-aspire-one-d150-1920-iatkos-v7-1057/ Ok Answered my own question after extensive searching finally found the download and got it working properly here http://www.mediafire.com/download/fxmezuyejmf/Keyboard.prefPane.zip
  5. Re there drivers out there or does anyone have these working? nvidia geforce3 ti200 or ati x1300 agp cards? and soundblaters live 24bit or realtek alc 655. If not im gonna give up and go back to ubuntu linux?
  6. i got ethernet network settings and isp all green but internet and server failed. I tried connecting with pppoe for verizon dsl through my westell 327w and it wont connect. Any ideas?
  7. when i put it in /System/Library/Extensions the computer wouldnt load, so i put it in /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Plugins (where the other kext are installed) now i got ethernet network settings and isp all green but internet and server failed. I tried connecting with pppoe for verizon dsl through my westell 327w and it wont connect. Any ideas?
  8. Did you load it to /System/Library/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/addons?
  9. VMWARE leopard 10.5.1

    I had the restart screen problem too. I had ti disable my video card agp and enable my on board graphics then it loaded. Dont know if this helps you or not.
  10. anyone have tulip drivers working on 10.5.1 ? I have device 0x09851317 AMDtek 985 and its listed in the driver but i get a unplugged cable on 10.5.1 is there any hope?
  11. Help with ethernet RTL8139d 10.5.1

    Thanks for your info now my card now says cable unplugged and Im stuck again. While getting the ven and dev codes i see windows loads it as a ADMtek 985 so i tried the tulip 1.0.2 drivers and it already had my device listed, but again it says cable unplugged. Does anyone have tulip running and working on 10.5.1?
  12. Help with ethernet RTL8139d 10.5.1

    ok thanks ill try that out
  13. Help with ethernet RTL8139d 10.5.1

    Gigabyte 8s651mp-rz exactly how do i do that? Can you help plz? exactly how do i do that? Can you help plz?
  14. Hi i got the same problem no pci slots seen can anyone help? plz?
  15. Can someone plz help me get my internet working on kalyway leopard 10.5.1? Im on my 3rd Ethernet. 1st tried my built in RTL8201. No luck then i tried a lne100tx v5.1 linksys pc1 card again no good then i bought a tenda tel9939di (rtl8139d chip) pci card because i heard that rtl8139 should work with leopard, again its not recognized. Do i have to do something to get them seen by leopard like turn on pci slots? Plz help im at the end of my rope and ive searched and cant get anywhere. MB Gigabyte 8s651mp-rz :eek: