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  1. 10.6 Java update 3 caused kp?

    Update #2: Trouble must have been an obsolete VoodooHDA. After rebuilding DSDT.aml and updating to Chameleon 2 RC5, I was able to get sound back with a fresh new VoodooHDA.kext version 2.7.2 and now no kernel panics. Also lost graphics, but that was fixed with installing NVEnabler 64.kext. All easy to find via google and installed using KextHelper. All fixed.
  2. Hi folks: I'm getting a kernel panic right after HDAEnabler loads, at VoodooHDADevice. I can boot in safe mode, but can't trace the problem. The only thing that's changed on my system is that I allow Apple's update utility to install the latest Java update. Any thoughts? Thanks. Update: Deleted VoodooHDA and now can boot without safe mode, but of course no sound. Maybe I'll try the new DSDT auto-patcher from MaLDOn http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=235523 As a newbie, I'm a bit hesitant. And curious as to why a Java update would break my VoodooHDA.
  3. With all deference and thanks to the many great innovators who have updated the AppleHDA for 10.6.4 on this forum, nothing worked for me until I removed AppleHDA.kext and installed VoodooHDA.kext. BTW I'm using the final DSDT.aml for this board, circa January, 2010. Here's the link to an easy guide: http://groups.google.com/group/hq-a/web/in...ds3l-usb-10-6-x Skip the install stuff and scroll to the bottom to get the update instructions for the last several updates. Guide comes with files and the wonderful Kext Utility for SL, if you don't already have it. I hope that saves some folks a bit of time.
  4. Removing SleepEnabler.kext worked like a charm. Many thanks. It wasn't simple for me, as I'm still a newbie, because I had to delete the directory using Terminal from the SL retail DVD. For others, here are the steps: 1) Boot from SL boot CD as outlined in this guide. Remove CD after Chameleon loads. 2) Load SL retail DVD, press F5, boot from DVD using verbose mode (- v from Chameleon screen) 3) Choose your language, move to next installer screen. Go no further, instead open Terminal from Utilities menu. 4) Remember that you are working from the Apple DVD, so you need to navigate into the hard drive that contains your SL installation that is having troubles. Thus, at command line prompt, type cd /Volumes 5) Find your startup volume, the one that's been having kernel panics at startup. (using the command "ls" with no quotes) 6) cd /[YourVolume]/Extra/Extensions/ In this Extensions directory you'll find the SleepEnabler.kext using the ls command. In my case, I couldn't remove in one shot the whole kext, which is seen as a full directory by Terminal, without working my way into each subdirectory and using the rm or rmdir commands on the individual files, and then the empty subdirectories. For more on the basics of working in Terminal, I suggest this primer (thanks to Hayne): http://hayne.net/MacDev/Notes/unixFAQ.html For now, I'm going to leave the sleep turned off in my Energy Saver panel and make sure everything else works. But I have sound, ethernet and my GeForce 9500 GT (1 Gb) video is working fine. Next maybe I will try the new SleepEnabler.kext by Netkas. Again, thanks to lanxxx for the help and to everyone who is contributing to this guide for GA-P35-DS3L.
  5. Well, the update to 10.6.1 went so flawlessly that I, for the first time ever, clicked the update button without first checking these boards to see if 10.6.2 was safe. Now my machine KPs almost immediately after I click through the Chameleon screen upon startup. This guide worked so well for me, I'm hoping someone here can help me fix my installation without starting from scratch. I wonder if I can reboot using the boot CD and retail DVD, and then restore using my Time Machine backup? I'm grateful in advance for any tips.
  6. Netkas PC EFI v10.5

    Any suggestions for a newbie to perform the update to PC EFI v10.5? My SL is working great on my two year old build. I used this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...186065&st=0 The guide was so good and automatic, I have no idea how to upgrade. Thanks for considering.
  7. I've had spectacular success with this guide. Many thanks. There is a slight problem with sleep; the monitor goes blue and won't wake up, but I just set the energy saver to never sleep so that's fine with me. Also very impressive, the video worked on the first try with this guide. My system even recognizes my Dell monitor, SP2208WFP, which has a camera and microphone, which all run iChat just fine. However, my video card is an BFG 9500 GT (1 Gb, DDR2). As I said, it works well, but the QE/CI is not turned on. Any tips on getting QE/CI working? It was working fine in 10.5.8. I suspect I need a mod to my DSDT.aml, but I am a relative newbie and afraid to mess with it. Thanks.
  8. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Yes, I tried that, but no folder called ..\storagedevice** appears in the regedit window. Seems like XP thinks it is a DVD and not a storage drive. Also tried uninstalling the Corsair device driver in Windows, but that doesn't help, either. I sure wish there was a way in Terminal to hack into this thing. I guess I'll just return the flash drive.
  9. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    I didn't get far at all, because when I restored the SL disk image to my 8gb USB drive, it turned the thing into write-protected. So nothing can be patched, etc. Tried disk utility, where all erase, partition tab are grayed out. Tried Terminal, where every commend gets "permission denied." Does anybody know how to wipe a write-protected USB drive so I can start over? I formatted with GUID as directed in the Pash tutorial. Thanks!
  10. Semi-success! I got the installer to load: make sure to use ¨f8¨ in time and use ¨-v¨ for verbose mode. That combination got me past the ¨....plist¨ error. Now I am stuck because I want to preserve my Ubuntu Gutsy install and the OS will not let me reformat a partition to HFS+. Probably going to buy a second SATA HDD and give that a try. And even if I wanted to wipe out the Ubuntu, Disk Utility will not allow me to reformat the entire drive. I keep getting various errors at partition, erase, etc. I´m hoping a new HDD will do the trick.
  11. I´m having the same trouble, using SATA DVD and HDD. My next step is to go into my iso image and insert a new boot.plist file. But I am still trying to figure out how to do so.
  12. "I had same problem. So I copy "/com.apple.boot.plist from OSX 10.4.8 and it boot fine. " How do you copy in a new /com.apple.boot.plist ? I have a copy of 10.5.0, but my stepdaughter has my only copy of 10.4 disks.
  13. Me too. Except the frustrating part is that the installer DVD worked once on my rig. After burning the Kalyway disk and getting a successful checksum, I restarted. Screen said it was loading Darwin for awhile, then it launched a beautiful Leopard installer. So I selected Disk Utility to reformat. But then I got cold feet and quit the installer, because I decided to partition my hard drive first in an attempt to preserve my current Ubuntu 7.10 installation. Trouble is, when I popped the disk back in and restarted, I now get stuck on the ´/com.apple.boot.plist not found´ error message, which I had not gotten the first time. As I have a SATA DVD drive, not an IDE, and it worked the first time, I don´t think it is either the optical disk or a bad DVD burn. My only guess is that some error is lodged in a cache somewhere. But I´m new to BIOS settings and command line interface; in other words, a newbie who is learning Linux/Unix from scratch. I am running Ubuntu and wish to dual boot with Leopard (I bought a legal copy but couldn´t get the BrazilMac patch to even start from the DVD, so I am trying Kalyway 10.5.1.iso). I have no desire to run Windows. Any thoughts? I sure would appreciate a tip or two. Thanks.