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  1. Yes... updated... Thanks Jaymack... This is correct...Clover mount the EFI partition auto, create backup in the macOS partition and update EFI..
  2. Thank Jaymack... Yes, i do, but clover don`t show the EFI partition, does not appear. * Yesterday, apple launched Sierra 10.12.4, i do update the system, is Ok, is stable and very fast... Photoshop CC 2017 don`t accept hard accelerate.. Anyone having the same problem. * Yesterday, Nvidia launched Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS 10.12.4 https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/367/WebDriver-367.15.10.45f01.pkg Do not modify the config.plist, change nvda_drv=1 for <key>NvidiaWeb</key> <true/> Although they recommend doing so, for me nvda_drv=1 work excelent.. Thanks
  3. Hi friends, i need to update Clover, That is, to install on the EFI partition(ESP) and not on the main partition. What is the process...When clover displays the "Where to install" options, the EFI partition does not appear. Thanks...
  4. Thanks JayGrid, I've made the changes and it works. Thank you. My DSDT file is the one used by your machine, They tried to modify my DSDT file, but it did not boot, but when I used your DSDT it worked ... fortunately. ... only that your pc has different components, for example, mine has one E5620 processor, and yours is a dual E5540 processor, your graphics card is GT 640 and mine is a Quadro 2000. Can that difference cause problems?. Would it improve performance if I modify the DSDT and adjust it to my Z600?
  5. My DSDT is from other Z600... this have a hardware little diferences, 2 processors but my z600 no, the graphics is diferent... but work with El Capitan... with sierra 10,12,4 beta 2 no... is more slow. There is posibility that problem have origin in the DSDT for machine diferent?
  6. Oohhhhhh no, today the Z600 show label "CMOS error", load default.... .... ashhhsshhh. Any Tips??? Only Z600?
  7. THANKSSSSSSS Rockey12, My Z600 is Up.... it's fine. My CMOS is no more resetting. I have a Sierra 10.12.4 Beta 2. I apply the two files into the EFI partition...
  8. Hello friend. You do can upload your DSDT file? i have a Z400 too, Thanks.
  9. raycillo

    problemas instalando OS X10.11.4

    Hola, buenas tardes compañeros. Quería saber si alguien aquí podría ayudarme a crear un DSDT para mi equipo. Actualmente estoy usando el DSDT de otro equipo con características parecidas, pero veo que anda un poco lento, me imagino que por las diferencias, por ejemplo: Mi PC PC compañero 1 procesador Xeon 5620 2 procesadores Xeon E5540 12 Gb DD3 24 Gb DDR3 HD SSD Quadro 2000 GeForce GT 640 El resto son exactamente las mismas cosas. Es mas fácil modificar el DSDT que estoy usando de un compañero o crear y parchar uno a partir de uno en blanco? Gracias.
  10. Thanks Rockey12.. I work in it... Getting better performance and install my tools, photoshop, xcode, dash, VM, etc.... I'm learning how to edit a DSDT files... and how to create a image, in case of calamity... later, upload configuration files, for any user Z600...
  11. which is better? applehda or VoodooHDA? I do use VoodooHDA.. works. My Wifi are: RaLink RT2571WF (USB) RTL8185 (PCI) RTL8190 (PCI) TP-link TL-WN350G TrendNet TEW-443pi Any work... How to create a own DSDT file own, from DSDT jaygrid or from clean DSDT? Improve PC performance? Thanks...
  12. YEAHHHHHH Init.... El Capitan Starttttttt.... I'm happpy.. The problem is the DSDT... i try with DSDT from Rockey.... Quiet... nothing, after try with DSDT from JayGrid.... ANDDDD booottttt. I install, reboot put flag nv_disable=1... y yeah, boot OK, but slowww and no nvidia... but boottt.... I change paramethers in the config.plist, 3 bank of memory, and string in the smbios... I run NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater, and cudadriver-7.5.26-macos, video is Ok. But is slow... how create a DSDT, i think , that is slow for use a DSDT a little bit different.. Now, How i do create a DSDT personalized? I update Clover to Clover_v2.3k_r3526, and El Capitan to 10.11.5, no problem.... Note: jaygrid, you have a sound in your Z600?, Thank for Rockey12, very very very much... for your patience and dedication... Thank for Chris1111, for your help and your great and powerful tools... Thank to the Clover team, for your tools, is more easy the life... and thanks a JayGrid for your highly anticipated and important DSDT And now, to install the sound and wifi card....
  13. Jay, Thk. My Z600 is one processor E5520, and Quadro 2000, 12Gb Ram.. I try in the night and comment the result.. I hope that if, I hope that if... I'm to give up
  14. Hi, i try with 9 ports, no luck... I think that DSDT is corrupt and stop the machine, no msg, no error... only Ctrl + Alt + Del for reset... But generic DSDT, the machine boot... but error Or the bios update is incompatility..? http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=3912020&swItemId=wk_164138_1&swEnvOid=4054 3.60 Rev.A(14 abr 2016)
  15. Hi, friends... i am again... I do have a reinstall all pc, fro clean. I have create the USB boot, with clover dell precision 690 usb creation tool, Install Clover on ESP and replace files on EFI partition. But not Boooottt..(panic AppleUSBUHCIPCI) . :( What is fail... Mi BIOS updated to latest version April 2016 This is my configuration Bios... is bad? Ur HDD should be connected to first SATA port which is Nr 0 ( yes, HD is Nr0) can u mount the efi partition on ur HDD (Yes Mount the hide efi partition ) I hope you are not using Mavricks and El Cap on the Same HDD (El Capitan is in one, Maverics is other..) Other note, when i use the DSDT for my Z600, Nothing happens. When i use the generic DSDT file, boot, but fail panic. Is this DSDT file incorrect? DSDT.zip