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  1. P5E3 Deluxe Wifi-Ap

    Has anybody successfully installed SL on this board? I'm running Leopard on it pretty confortably, but y only get Kernel Panics whet trying to install SL. I have been searching the Web for quite a long time now, and apparently nobody has this board (or nobody has managed to get SL on it). Any tips or tricks? Regards Merlin
  2. I have found a post in Internet saying that this behaviour could be because of the USB-Stick source. Unfotunately I have no possibility to burn a DL-DVD. Can somebody try out an install from DVD instead of a stick? Regards Merlin
  3. Yeah, me too. I'm looking forward to get it solved! Maybe it's caused by the kexts on the stick??? Regards Merlin
  4. Lo mismo me pasa a mí. También tengo la P5E3 Deluxe. Por el mensaje que sale, es un Backtrace y hace referencia a ACPI y a PCI, pero no sé nada más que eso. Saludos Merlin
  5. Hi, this is my first post, although I have been reading here for some time now. I have big trouble with my Asus 7600GS (id 0392) and seem to be unable to fix it. I have read some posts that suggest that under Tiger it is possible to get this card to work, but under Leo... that's a different story. Making a long story short: I decided now, to get a "cheap" NVIDIA (it's important to be NVIDIA) with dual monitor capabilities. My provider offers the following models: VGA ASUS EN8400GS/HTP/256M PCI-e16X VGA ASUS EN8500GT SILENT VGA ASUS EN8600GT MAGIC VGA ASUS EN8600GT VGA ASUS EXTREME EN7200GS VGA ASUS EXTREME EN7300TC512 VGA ASUS EXTREME N7100GS 512 VGA ASUS EXTREME N7600GS SILENT VGA XFX GEFORCE 7100GS 128MB VGA GALAXY GEFORCE 6600GT 128MB Does somebody know for shure that one of those work with LEO? I'm really satisfied with the 7600GS but due to that failure to function well, I've decided to put her aside until it's supported. FYI: On that machine there will be nothing else than Leo installed, becuase I'm trying to build a workstation for AUDIO recording along my Tascam FW 1884. All cards listed above are PCI-EX versions. I intend to use two LG 20,1" flatscreen TFTs as monitors (resolution 1660x1050). I don't care too much about 3D acceleration nor QE CI, but it would be nice to have it. Greets Merlin