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  1. Hey, 1) Is it possible to boot clover v4114 from NVMe Drive SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP (PM961)? I am using a Xiaomi Air 13 and installed 10.12.5 to an USB Harddrive so macOS boots up. At the end I would like to transform the OS to the internal drive. So System should recognize the Samsung :-) 2) Do I need any IONVMeFamily.kext? 3) Should HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_5.kext and SSDT_NVMe-Pcc.aml be enough (also for clover)? 4) Which Diagnostics can I do on the running system expect of Try and Error to reach the goal? 5) Which Patches do I need in config.plist? Could someone please help me? Edit: After getting help from Osxlatitude i can answer a few questions by myself for Xiaomi Air 13: 1) Yes 2) No 3) Yes Wondering why nobody helped me here.
  2. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Hello, How can I get GraphicsAccelleration? I've tried the config.plist from FilesPack and the one from RehabMan. Unfortunately no success. The ig-platform-id is always 0x19160000. Many Thanks! Edit: Now I got help from Osxlatitude: Everything works on my Xiaomi Air 13: NVMe Drive, Graphics Acceleration, Sound, Camera. Why did nobody help me here?