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  1. Hi, it seem the John Cash guide that Lofen linked too has been removed as it may have linked to apps created by another x86 site. Are you able to post the files to a drop box folder or something, im really keen to build a brand new hacky and the specs looked VERY promising thank you! Nach0
  2. Hi everyone, im just building a list of hardware as i have decided that a new Hackintosh is the way for me, but is seems John Cash has removed his guide from the link, does anyone have a copy of whats involved with getting 10.8GM loaded in this MB and CPU combo? thank you in advance! Richard
  3. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Thanks for the info, ill try forcing 32bit, i have just tried the bonjour trick, and its made my network worse, and for whatever reason 'sudo ifconfig en0 -promisc' gives me an error and i cannot turn it off, there was 1 reboot where it saw the macs on the network for what they were, (imac, macbook pro etc) but wouldnt connect. whatever its done cant seem to be undone. im going to try forcing 32bit and load the realtek1000 drivers, apparently there is a "RTGMac_v2.0.3.zip" updated driver that without modding supports bonjour but all 3 realtek mirror FTP sites give me a permission denied error... someone up there doesnt want me working on a hackintosh.. its got to be it, for a system (bar the GFX card) with so many auto magical installers to have so many problems.. might just forget SL and go back to iAtkos 7, everything except the sound worked, but i got around that myself
  4. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Appreciate the feedback and the help,the issue is, when i purchased the bits (I have been buying hackintosh bits over the last 3 months), Raven case, 3ghz CPU, video card etc.. when i got the 4870 there was not support in the hack world for the 200 series of cards and netkas had just enabled his injector thingy to get it to work, so it was the best choice... for that month.. i look at nvidia injector programs (i have a dir full of hackintosh installers etc, im soo confused :S ) and the largest card it lists is a 9800gtx.. If a 275, 285 work, and work easier then all this ****ing around, ill sell the damn thing and get one honestly i just havnt kept up with Nvidia's hacksupport after my ATI decision.. Addition: I just tried the Bonjour fix for my network ports, the system now thinks every mac on the network is an aluminium iMac and refuses to connect. SB Mac: it seems my choices are A: run SL in 32bit mode and use realtek1000.kext or B: disable this 'promisc' mode i want to run this system with 8GB of RAM, its basically a gameing/email and disk scanning system, if i use 32bit mode will it affect the amount of RAM the system will see? thanks (i only ask as i have the exact board as you and am tearing hair out
  5. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    ahhh, this appears to be the issue, I did tell my system to boot off USB-HDD but it still gave me the error, thinking i had somehow nuked everything, i had to go into biod and make USB HDD a higher priority then it popped up with bootloader, i selected second drive and up she comes! thank you SOO much! Nach0 Thanks for the help, yeah I have used Netkas on a previous build, man these ATI's seem to be all over the place, the issue was i wanted a card i can use for gaming Win7 and have M[H]ac support, when i got it there was still issues for people getting a 9800GTX to work Thanks for your help! Nach0
  6. Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    Stellarolla V3 install - worked, then died.. Hi everyone, I have been trying for ages to get this exact board ever since i saw the life hacker article, then I saw that Stella has made V3 of the installer I was over the moon, my issue, I have one of those evil ATI4870 cards. what I have done so far: had a working hackintosh with a GA-31 boards, had vanilla 10.5 install with netkas injector so i was happily playing COD4 on it wanted more RAM, more HD drives etc so i got the 45-UD3P i have tried about 12 install methods/guides etc, its now 1:30am, im still at work and am exhausted :/ I got aitkos 7 working with sound , lan GFX (only single output) so i thought id try with the new SL as these cards are now available for SL macs etc etc. stellas V3 worked, i had sound, but now when i turn the system on i get 4 lines of text and nothing happened, I.M forums search is all over the place im just so exhausted going back through dosens of pages trying to find an answer SO my question is this: can someone help me out with a solution as to what to do to get up and running and if i can have dual monitors (the card has 2 DVI ports) (i have access to real macs etc) or should i just stick with 10.5.7 iAtkos? my goal is to have a system with 8GB of RAM, win 7 64bit and SL with dual monitors for both gaming and testing customers HDDs (why i needed so many sata ports) I see that IDE is fully turned off in SL, but with my iatkos i had full DVD burning. any and all help appreciated thank you in advance 'oh forumites who are smarter then me Nach0
  7. GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P P45 & iAtkos v7 (10.5.7)

    Hi, I followed this post's instructions, I have everything working except the sound, system profiler shows no sound device, but sound options have headphones and SPDIf etc, but nothing coming out. as per instructions i left as default which is not the azelia codec, going to try loading that now thanks for the instructions, this is awesome!!!!
  8. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    G'day, I have only just managed to get my hands on one of these boards (hard to come by down under) and have now just realised that Stella's installer is for Nvidia cards, I have a 1GB 4870, i have a real mac to work files on and my hackintosh on a workbench ready to be installed, can you please explain how you modified the installer to get your 4870 to work, when i try to install with stellas one, i get spinning cog wheel, then after a while it stops spinning, and im sitting there with a grey apple logo screen not doing anything. any and all help appreciated, I had this card working with my GA31 MB running leopard, but wanted more SATA ports so i found the lifehacker guide thinking it will be easy with this new board :/
  9. Hi, I have been trying to find the ultimate hackintosh board, now i see a review for the GA-P55-UD6 and it seems to have everything, was your setup complex to get going? can you use all 10 SATA ports or just the 4 white jmicron ones? thanks! Nach0
  10. Hi everyone, There seems to be alot of debate in whats the best way to get multi OS's working and have them boot via chameleon, now im not new to hackintoshes, but i have only ever done single purpose systems, so my question is this: If i run 2 hard drives, a 500GB sata for OSX, install SL, get it fully booting on its own then install a second 500GB sata HD for Windows 7. will i be able to use chameleon to setup a multi boot system so the PC boots into Cham, then lets me select SL or windows 7. is THIS possible? thank you kindly.
  11. Hardware Compatibility List - Leopard 10.5.2

    how did you get kalyway to run on this system? its my R40 has a CD drive built in, so i swapped it for a DVD drive from another laptop, the boot screen does not recognise the DVD drive untill it loads windows. any help would be appreciated (do i need an IBM dvd drive?) Thanks
  12. Hi all, I have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on an Asrock Conroe DDR667 V1 1.3bios motherboard, done all the bios tweaking (overclocking causes crashes, so im stuck with 1.6Ghz) E2041 1.6Ghz CPU anyway, 2gigs of ram (dual channel) etc. I have tried iAkos, leo4all and kalyway and i cannot use Vanilla kernel, it installs but then just reboots, using kalyways sleep kernel seems to work well but alot say this board supports vanilla, so any ideas there?? second, I originally installed using the internal GMA 950 graphics card and that played 1080P very smoothly with the occasional flicker, now I have formatted and reinstalled with nivjet as i have a 7200GS card, games now work, systems seems alot happier, but 1080P is jumpy, even though quicktime shows 30FPS, VLC player works 100%, XBMC works 100%.. anyone know why the crappy 950 works smooth and the nvidia 7200 doesnt? thanks everyone.. Nach0
  13. install osx on my 4 core asrock 1333

    I have tried Iakos, Leo4all and Kalyway, none of them would work using 'Vanilla' kernel's with Bios 1.3, i dont know why, noone else seems to be having issues with this board and vanilla kernel, I just used the default kernel but make sure you have the BIOS settings correct
  14. Asrock ConRoe 1333 D667

    I used Leo4allv3 and Kalaway 10.5.1, got both to work, leo4all has more options, it installs and boots OK, but so many apps dont work, it sees all the other macs on my network as PC's, wont access shares itunes libraries , doesnt give the option of screen sharing to another system (because it thinks they are PCs_ im reinstalling not with vanilla and efi8, see how that goes. as for Audio, I got it to work using the top listing, not the AC97, but the otherone Azillia or something, sound worked well (didnt try inputs though)
  15. ga-945gcm-s2l (install success)

    Really glad to hear you got everything up and running, I am unsure of office - remember its a microsoft product and could be full of bugs if your using onboard GFX it seems to have some issues with GFX glitches, maybe a Nvidia 7300GT will cure it? hey bro be sure to add your success to the list from the main site so it can be added to the WIKI!!, or even start a new thread with your motherboard in the title