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  1. I have a lot of flickering or blinking here and there not only in a browser in macOS. And last firefox is the only browser that doesn't have this problem. In Mavericks there are some graphic artifacts in dock also sometimes but don't so much as in higher os versions. Vmware 12/14. Guest OS: 10.9-10/13. Graphics card: Nvidia. I'm remember that there was absolutely no artifacts in Mavericks before as it doesn't heavily relies on 2d/3d acceleration as Yosemite+. So the problem lies in a newer version of Vmware or it's a problem with the settings in Vmware/Nvidia drivers?
  2. 15A->15B Repair permissions with Kext Utility Add nvda_drv=1 to boot args if it was deleted = working 970gtx on 10.11.1
  3. How you make it work with vmw9? 9(.0.1) after update from vmw8 and 1.1.0 unlocker doesn't render desktop in osx 10.6.3, shows only mouse pointer on grey background with apple logo
  4. Ooops, looks like it work but something wrong with videocard on Lion.
  5. Update for WMware Workstation 8 beta?
  6. Albert's Unlocker not working for me out of the box. Is there any other method? Or can somebody upload unlocked vmwarebase.dll from wmware 7.1 to try?
  7. I can't see any picture with Preview on SL. Seems like a bug in vw7+sl. With quick preview(press space) everything ok.
  8. Mount partition and install kayway not working in vmware 6.03
  9. I mount HD with installed Leopard(maked from flat image) and it's crash the same way like parallels/virtualbox. If I boot from HD everything goes ok. I'm using Workstation 6.0 now. Will try 6.03.
  10. I think you can't do this in vmware. I try Parallels and VirtualBox but they both stopped on changing resolution step.
  11. I make hfs+ partition in transmac(image to disk) or macdrive(and copy files from dvd) but can't load from there. How to make this partition bootable(active) in Vista so I can install Leo?