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  1. Has anyone successfully installed High Sierra?
  2. Nick7502

    Intel 520

    I have surface book that I updated to 10.12.6 and I also updated the kext to. I get the black screen with Apple logo load screen but it never loads.(Its not a black screen its the loading screen that never loads.) When I can my id to 12345678 it loads to OS X fine. Any Idea why?
  3. I updated to 10..12.6 updated the kext but it won't load. It gives me the load screen but it doesn't load. I change th id of graphics to 12345678 then it loads. Any idea why?
  4. Sorry for the double post but whats the lastest osx install on everyones surface book?
  5. When I first installed in the resolution was smaller but when I played around with it, it got stuck there.
  6. Does anyone know how to get a better display options? Mine only goes up to 1500x1000 Another thing the computer wont shut down properly it just goes to black screen, it just started happening.
  7. Intel i7 6800 MSI x99a xPower Titanium G.skilz 32GB ddr4 3200 Nvidia 1070 Gtx. Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 chip Intel I218V2 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Send me Nicolas’s Mac Pro.zip EFI.zip
  8. Tired it, doesn't even load to gets stuck turns off all my USB ports.
  9. Can someone please help me, I cant seem to get my osx to boot correctly anymore. I lost my usb that contained my efi folder. I tried to rebuild the efi folder but it doesn't seem like it wants to boot. My set up is the i7 MSI x99a in my signature. EFI.zip
  10. Anyone have any luck on the betas?
  11. I grab a serial number from the apple store, did I need to grab anything else? I still get black artifacts on the top left of my screen even after changing my color profile.
  12. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/322271-anyone-get-skylake-intel-hd-520-working-on-10124/?do=findComment&comment=2393951 Would this work for us? Another question, I can't get iMessages to work. Any idea? I'm using my iPhone for internet.