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  1. Recommended Firewire PCI card

    @MacUSer2552: Thanks for the reply. However, what I'm looking for is anyone's experience with different firewire chipsets and high end external audio interfaces. Moving files around is a bit different to transferring 10 channels of 24/96 audio in realtime with no drop outs! @all: So, to reitterate. I have an external FW high end audio interface (I'm not mentioning which one yet on purpose, long story!) running 10.4.9 and I having problems with the coreaudio functions. I can record a 6 channel stream of 24/96 audio, but when I stop recording, Logic loses all communication with the interface. The only way to get around this is to power the external interface on and off. I've done some digging around and most high end audio manufacturers recommend FW interfaces running on Texas Instruments chip sets. My current PCI FW card is a Lucent chipset. My question is: does anyone have experience with different FW chip sets in OSX86. If so, which one's have you had any success with? TIA for any comments D ps the reson I'm not mentioning the inteeface yet is that I don't want to give the impression it may work until I can get this final possible reason for problems ironed out..... but if it works I'm pretty sure I'm the first to have this box talking to OSX86
  2. Hello all, I'm having some inconsistent problems with my external audio box, which is currently hooked up to a card with Lucent chipset. OSX recognises it and most functionality is fine, but once I try some core audio stuff I'm getting random crashes. After some searching it seems that PCI cards based around the Texas Instruments chips are working well. Can anyone recommend some model numbers of products? One local supplier has the Belkin F5U502 available, but they can't tell me if it's got the TI chipset. All sugestions welcome! Best David