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  1. Just did a fresh install of SL with Kakewalk, and my audio doesn't seem to be working after upgrading to 10.6.5. Mobo is Gigabyte EP45-DS3L Any suggestions
  2. I just did a fresh install on my system of Snow Leopard, wanted to do some clean up. I still obviously have the issue with HDCP on my monitor, where the screen goes black during boot, which is HDMI based and going to my 9800GT video card. My system specs are Gigabyte P45-DS3L Core 2 Duo E8500 4GB RAM Evga 9800GT 512MB I found some posts the other day but didn't bookmark them and can't seem to locate it again. Shame on me, so I am wondering if there is a documented fix that someone has bookmarked. I remember the post talking about generating or using a existing ROM and modifying the boot plist.
  3. Ok been trying to see if this was discussed in the thread but not seeming to find anything. I have a EP45-DS3L, C2D E8500, 4GB DDR2 800. I used the CD install method with a retail Snow Leopard dvd that worked great for install. Rebooted using cd too boot HD, one weird thing was my NIC wasn't work, no biggy figured just installed the mpkg from the cd and rebooted. NIC was working but sound stopped, figured I'd fix that later and installed 10.6.3 using the software update. Well now regardless of booting from the HD or from cd my screen goes black and monitor says it loses vsync. The last thing i see mentioned is the AppleHDA codec having issues but I doubt that is the problem. Did I miss something I needed to do before going to 10.6.3?. Was considering reinstalling and downloading 10.6.3 prior and installing it before doing the Kakewalk boot installer.
  4. Dual boot Question

    Bump.... any thoughts, one change I am going to install Windows 7 X64 RC
  5. Dual boot Question

    I have been running my Hackintosh about 3 months now with OS X, I used the retail install method with a separate partition for the bootloader, using Macloader Rev4 with uses Chameleon. My question is how hard would it be to dual boot Windows Vista after the fact on my secondary hard drive. My thought process was disconnect the osx mac drive and install windows and once that is completed reconnect my mac drive. Now the black magic question is what do i have to do to Chameleon to make it boot the Windows partition. Second question is presently the secondary drive is formatted GPT MacOS Extended Journaled, I don't want the whole drive to be Windows, can Windows Vista boot from a GPT partition table or do I need to set that drive to MS-DOS table.
  6. Anyone? What would be the best process to blow away what I have and try to start from scratch again for the audio.
  7. I have my system pretty much working but seem to having the damnedest time getting Taruga's Apple HDA Patch to work. I have dumped the codec myself from Ubuntu LiveCD then ran the HDA Enabler and it runs fine. I removed ALCInject and did a repair permissions. Reboot and nothing. I really am at a loss for why this is not working. What could I be missing extensions wise. I do notice that I have HDAEnabler.kext and HDAEnabler-1.kext (this came from the boot132 cd I used if I recall correctly, could that be causing my issues? Also I think I ran the Azalia installer at some point before I clued myself into the HDA Patcher could that have caused issues?? Thanks ahead for any comments/help
  8. Anyone have any assistance in regards to the Boot-132 method with a 10.5.6 retail dvd??
  9. That is what I was thinking, I think I will be safe I guess worst case I could return it and drop down to a different card. My biggest thing is weather the retail install method will work with a straight 10.5.6 install dvd.
  10. I am building a system with the sole purpose of being a hackintosh I have been studying this forum for quite sometime and following the wiki. I believe I have a good setup that will work with minimal fuss here is what I have thus far My New Rig My first question is I really think I would like to splurge and go up to the 9800GT EVGA 9800GT 512mb I can't seem to find a solid answer will I be able to use EFIStudio and get it working correctly. Wiki seems inconclusive to me and my search skills for this one seem to be failing me. Next I plan to use the Boot-132 method with Chameleon EFI. Documented here This guide and most I have read document this process using pre 10.5.4 retail install media will I have any issues using the 10.5.6 latest and greatest install media? Lastly from what I ready the LS8v15 package should cover most of the driver I need for motherboard (EP45-DS3L) save for the GFX string for EFIStudio and the Psystar Realtek R1000 Driver for my nic. My question is everything I have read shows documentation for installing ls8 packs when doing the retail install from a existing leopard does the install script work when it is a boot-132 method install? Hopefully I have provided enought information to get my questions answered thanks folks... *make a few quick edits* Well was doing a little more stumbling and this thread states being that the 9800gt is basically a re-branded 8800gt the 8800 GFX strings should work perfectly.
  11. Trying to install Kalway Leopard on my Latitude D610 and getting this error related to Apple SMC. I cannot seem to find anything to point me in the right direction. Any ideas on what this error means and how to resolve.