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  1. Since this is an iMac CD/DVD you own and you are not installing it on an iMac (you are not, your installing it in a VM.), that probably will be the problem. There are some preconfigured DVD's, which do not check on that (mostly needed to build a hackintosh (am I allowed to say this here?)), but you have an original CD/DVD, so that shouldn't be a problem. Another idea: what about if you just use bootcamp and install both OS's and just switch, when needed?
  2. You just can't answer this question. There is no right answer. For example, is a car from Audi really better than one from BMW? If they have the same level of motorisation & equip.? No, depends on the owner. You have the Adobe tools and they can run on both, Windows and Mac. You can fail working with both. So, depends on how much the time you invest to get to know your System and the best tools, to keep an overview on your images!